Yukina Kogure


Yukina Kogure
Seiyo Academy students
Japanese Voice
Shimizu Ai

Yukina Koguru is an anime-only character of the Shugo Chara! series.


Yukina is from the Moon Class at Seiyo Academy, and have a hobby to make chocolate, but she wishes that she wanted to be a patissiere expert to make everyone proud. She have a love interest on Daisuke.


Yukina's appearance have periwinkle-colored eyes and brown hair with a long hairstyle that ends the length of her back. On the right side of her head, a large and firm ponytail was drooping.

As Chocolate Dream, Yukina's hair color merges into a mandarin or orange color, and her eyes are mainly changed to a shade of red. Her attire is based off on a patisserie or a female dessert chef. Yukina's baby pink dress have a knee length. On her dress is a pattern of heart-shaped chocolates and beige-colored ribbons. On the top of Yukina's dress is a beige curly ribbon. What's on Yukina's head is a baby-pink puffy toque with a large "?" mark on the center, prior to the hypnotization of Lulu de Morcerf. On her legs are baby pink boots with rose pink ribbons and a pair of chocolate hearts. On Yukina's knees are rose-colored satin bows.

Confusion Character Change

Chocolate Dream- Yukina has a crush on Daisuke, she wanted to win the chocolate sweets contest as he retrieves the chocolates. After receiving constructive feedback from Lulu's Father, she feels melancholy inside of her about her ability and skills. Lulu took advantage of her doubt and manipulated her hearts egg to a ? Egg Character.

Chocolate Dream

Chocolate Dream is occured by Yukina's Confusion Character Transformation.


  • Amu and Yukina have a close friend-wise relationship.
  • When Amu purified the ?/X Egg Chara she realized that she had to show her own true feelings to Tadase, as well as Yukina showing her own true feelings to Daisuke.
  • Yukina is the second character who wants to become a patissiere, preceded by Shuu Hinamori.