Yuka is an anime-original character who appears in Shugo Chara! Party.

Yuka (with her Heart's Egg restored)


She is a young girl who wanted to do many things, but gave up on each one. As she tried to mend her stuffed animal's broken ear, she couldn't do it right and gave up. This tainted her Heart's Egg with an X and it flew off. It was later recovered after Amu Hinamori reasoned with her.

Voice By: Jessica Boone, Kim Seo Yeong

Guardian Character


Prior to the anime, Yuka's Heart's Egg was tainted with an X. Thanks to Amu and Rikka, the X Egg got purified and returned to it's owner. Soon afterward, it became a Guardian Egg, and Mi was born. Mi represents Yuka's desire to do everything at her own pace.

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