Yugaku Iwagaki

Surprised Yugaku

Yugaku Iwagaki
Seiyo Academy students
Japanese Voice
Yabe Masashi


At first, Yugaku is described to be a fearsome and angry person, disturbing the students who hold every cute object. The students thought that Yugaku spites cute trinkets, but when no one is looking but Amu, his true nature is that he absolutely adores them.


Yugaku appears with black shaved hairstyle and hazel-colored eyes. Yugaku's uniform is much identical to Kukai's, because he goes to the same junior high district as him.

He is shown in his karate attire, when he is inside his dojo.


One Day at Seiyo Academy, one of Amu Hinamori friends brought a rather cute cat toy that squeaked when pressed. After school children around them started talking, they were reminded of an announcement made the other day. There was a student who was coming that day that was going to practice karate there and warned everyone not to bring anything cute. They are told he hates cute things.

Amu later finds a small deer string toy. She, Rima, and Yaya are seen holding it on their way to the Guardian meeting and Iwagaki chases them around school before others on the karate team stop him. She then finds out it was Iwagaki's. She also found out that he absolutely loved cute things.

We later find out that his love for cute things interfered his path, or as he calls it, the path of a man. Lulu notices this and decides to turn him into a confusion character. Amu later purifies him and tells him that being himself is okay.

Confusion Character Change

Fancy Dream

Punchy Dream

As a dream character, he can make anything that is touched by his deer or his 'Mega Cute Dream' cute. This is shown by his deer making the training equipment in his family's dojo cute and turning the boys'

He makes Nagihiko, Tadase, Kukai, Kiseki and Daichi cross-dress (such as putting Tadase into a maid's costume, Nagi in a ballet dress, and Kukai in cheerleading dress.)


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