Temple festival dream

Temple festival Dream

She appears first in episode 72, but not for very long.


She is still young, and has short brown hair. In the episode, her name was not mentioned though. She has purple eyes.


The young girl first appears when trying to choose Takoyaki or Yakisoba (Two popular japanese snacks) in a festival. Lulu thinks when the young girl chooses her food it is her dream, So Lulu noticed her and changed her heart's egg into a ? egg with the ruby necklace.

Confusion Character transformation

Temple Festival Dream

When Lulu transformed her heart's egg, The Girl Character Transformed into Temple Festival Dream. First, Amu thinking this dream is so lame, because its only Takoyaki and Yakisoba. She takes on the appearance of a snack-seller at a Festival or fair, which suggests that her dream was selling people delicious snacks to enjoy. She changed people's good into Takoyaki and/or Yakisoba (Takoyakisoba). Amu runs into her and convinces her that no dream is stupid or lame, and that it's fun to decide and pursue your dream. She apologizes to her about people being rude to her, and then purifies her ? egg back into a heart's egg.