You Ebihara is a character in Shugo Chara who only appears in the anime. In episode 64


He is a boy that have dark blue eyes, and short dark blue hair. He wearing pink and blue kimono, same like Kiko Ebihara.


You, and his younger sister Kiko, practice to spin their umbrella with a ball on it. The guardians saw You and Kiko, and decide to practice together. But, when they see Lulu's spinning trick, It was awesome! and when they upset, and did many mistakes, Lulu turn their egg into ? egg.

Confusion Character Transformation

Happy Dream

Happy Dream 1 and 2

Happy Dream 1 and 2

During Character Transformation, You become Happy Dream 1. First, You and his sister, Kiko, attack Amu and friends and doesn't listen to reason. He and his sister attack with yellow umbrellas and balls with ? mark on them. but, actually, they lose with Spiral Heart Special, and Amu and friends tell to them not don't worry about mistakes, just make the audiences enjoy the show.

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