Okay, so like LOVE Shugo Chara, I just am so in awe with it. I actually found this anime by accident! I read a manga nad just started watching it. I just love it~ The art is actually really good to me, not to sharp not to sloopy, I mean I found some like that, but this is AWESOME! So like I guess you can call me an Otaku now, but I just wished that they made a shrot movie about their future and make it so Tadase and Amu is dating and get into a fight and she looses her Shugo Chara and on the search for them, she doesn't have anyone but Tadase to ask for help, but she doesn't reach the corage to ask him and looks for them for herself. Then she gets in trouble (not sure of a situation now) and she wishes that Tadase would save her, but Ikuto appears (was on the tour with travling orcestra) and she was happy to see him. Later on Tadase sees her with Ikuto and gets jealous and so on... Sorry, I love writing stories and that just came in my head, I should totally right that down... Wow... Hahaha... Well I hope that Shugo Chara is something you love as much as me! Shoots bradda~ (Hawaii girl)
Alice in Wonderland SC

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