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    May 19, 2014 by LunarSolar

    Can someone take these pictures of these charas eggs in character transformation:

    • Dia
    • Suu
    • Miki
    • Kiseki
    • Pepe
    • Yoru
    • Il
    • El
    • Temari
    • Rhythm
    • Daichi
    • Kusukusu
    • Musashi

    Can someone take these pictures of these charas eggs:

    • Ran
    • Cecil
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  • LunarSolar

    I found a Fandom Of Yumeiro Patissiere Wikia and it has short pages.

    If you want to see the Wikia click here

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  • LunarSolar

    Stop SOPA 2014

    March 16, 2014 by LunarSolar

    Stop SOPA 2014. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA.

    Get a lot of signatures by 19th Wednesday March 2014

    Follow the Link -

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  • LunarSolar


    May 10, 2013 by LunarSolar

    Is Souko Hoshina legally married to Kazuomi Hoshina in the anime?

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  • LunarSolar

    I have this Wikia that I want other members other than me to join in. So what can I do?

    If want to you see my Wikia click here.

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