Tsugumu Hinamori

Tsumugu Hinamori (日奈森 紡, Hinamori Tsumugu) is a wild bird photographer and Amu's father and husband of Midori Hinamori. Tsumugu is devoted to his daughters and refers to them with names like "papa's little sparrows" and "papa's shining star". He is frequently shown taking pictures of Ami. However, he overreacts in excitement and happiness at the slightest hint that Amu has a relationship with a boy. When he has a fight with Amu's mother, he says that he is leaving, when he only hides in the bathroom. He is a very active and energetic person, which his wife finds interesting in him.

Voice By:Greg Ayres,Jeong Seung Wuk


Voice Actor

  • In the anime television series, Tsumugu Hinamori is voiced by Yūsei Oda.


  • His first name means "spinning" in Japanese.

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