Takuya Nakagura

Takuya Nakagura

Takuya Nakagura (中倉たくやNakagura Takuya)is a young magician with the artistname "Zero". He studies at Seiyo Academy while the press keeps his life quiet from the public.

He loves magic and being a magician is his dream. But because his performance is not accepted in show business, he is forced to use computer effects.


Takuya is a small boy with lavender eyes and brown short hair with his curved parts of his mane. He have a stem that was sticking curvy.

As his artist ego, Zero, he have a red top hat with a yellow "Z", printed fancy with a small line and the other sections on vertical. His attire consists of a red suit jacket and a blue bow tie.

Guardian Character




Before Takuya went on show business, he was able to see his Guardian Character named Zero, he calls his imaginary friend. But after he lost faith in himself, Zero went back to his egg and Takuya lost the ability to see his Guardian Character. In the end, they were able to reunite, thanks to Amu.


He used to be someone who loved to do real magic tricks and that's what gave birth to Zero. When he joined a television program, he had to stop doing real magic tricks. The television program always let Zero do the talking but before he could do the magic, they would stop the recording and put in CR. He was from Seiyo Academy but alot younger than The Guardians. He dropped by the Royal Garden one day and explained everything to them. The Guardians let him have a special day and put up a stage outside the school for Takuya to perform real magic tricks for one day.


  • Though he have not have a Character Transformation with Zero, Takuya coins his alter ego "Shining Zero".
  • Takuya is the second to have an alter ego named after a Guardian Character, despite of not Character Transforming. He is before Amulet Diamond.


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