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Shuusui Souma
Shuusui Souma

Shuusui Souma.

(相馬秀水, Sōma Shūsui) is the second eldest brother of the Souma family. He appeared in episode 79 and chapter 31 of Shugo Chara! when Kukai invited Tadase to his house to meet him and his other brothers.


Shuusui appears to be the smartest of the brothers, and maybe the most mature, though he lets his brothers bother people without any objections. Also, he is used to letting Kaidou fight with Kukai . He normally stands with his arms folded.

Voice By:Corey Hartzog,Bang Wu Ho


Shuusui has dull brown-gray hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses. He has pale skin, is quite slim, and he is probably not as sporty as Kaidou or Kukai.


  • Grandfather Souma: The brothers have a grandfather living in a temple on the mountains.
  • Kaidou Souma: Shuusui's older brother, and also the eldest brother of the family.
  • Unkai Souma: Shuusui's younger brother, and also the third eldest brother of the family.
  • Rento Souma: Shuusui's younger brother, and also the 2nd youngest of the family.
  • Kukai Souma: Shuusui's younger brother, and also the youngest of the family.


  • In Japanese, his first name means "Silk"

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