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Hi there and welcome to the Shugo Chara Wiki an up-to-date and under construction wikia filled with the stories, characters, and soundtracks of the Shugo Chara! series.

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We want to become the best source for Shugo Chara information online and we cannot do it without your help. Please help by sharing your knowledge and assist us with insightful articles.


Our main mission is to become the best source online of information on the Shugo Chara series. This is an independent, non-profit site whose mission is to work to store all the information related to the Shugo Chara universe; its characters, news, places, etc.


At this Wikia, we have a standard that we expect from the contributers to help keep a valid place for information. Please help us by reading our policy and understanding what we expect from our staff, contributors and fans alike. Our Wikia can only grow better with well-written, well-thought out content. Here are some important things to note:

Uploading Images

Uploading images is very important for this Wikia, as it can help our visitors to learn more about the Shugo Chara universe. We ask that you follow a couple of guidelines when it comes to uploading images.  

  • Please title your image properly, with English characters and a precise description. Titles like kjghjhrfgh46895.jpg.png will be deleted or renamed properly.
  • Fan-made images, artwork or fanart is not allowed.  It could confuse new visitors and fans of the series alike.

Fan Art & Fan Fiction

As stated above, fanart and fanfiction is not allowed, as it could confuse a new viewer or visitor to the site.

Vandalism & Language

We realize, as an open Wikia, that vandalism does and will occur.  We ask for your help in finding, reporting and helping us resetting any vandalism that you find so we can keep the Wikia clean and in great condition for visitors and fans alike.  Shugo Chara is a shoujo property that has attracted many fans both old and young and we ask that you keep all articles, talk-backs and sources appropriate for our younger visitors.  We ask that you do not use course or inappropriate language on any of this Wikia's pages.

We appreciate the help and support of our staff, contributors, visitors and fans and hope you enjoy the Shugo Chara Wikia!