Shugo Chara! Encyclopedia! is one of the programs of the current anime series, Shugo Chara! Party!. It simply demonstrates two characters per episode about their personalities and capabilities.

It first introduces Shugo Charas (also known from fans as "Guardian Characters") from Episode 103 to Episode 109. In Episode 110, it introduces the main characters of the series. Further along the episode line-up are the main character's Character Transformations.

Episode 103 (001): Ran and Miki

Episode 104 (002): Suu and Dia

Episode 105 (003): Kiseki and Pepe

Episode 106 (004): Rhythm and Temari

Episode 107 (005): Kusukusu and Yoru

Episode 108 (006): Daichi and Musashi

Episode 109 (007): Iru and Eru

Episode 110 (008): Amu Hinamori and Tadase Hotori

Episode 111 (009): Yaya Yuiki and Rima Mashiro

Episode 112 (010): Nagihiko Fujisaki and Nadeshiko Fujisaki

Episode 113 (011): Kukai Soma and Kairi Sanjo

Episode 114 (012): Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Utau Hoshina

Episode 115 (013): Rikka Hiiragi and Hikaru Ichinomiya

Episode 116 (014): X-Dia and Snoppe

Episode 117 (015): Kuuta, Ramira, and Lulu

Episode 118 (016): Nana and Cecil

Episode 119 (017): none

Episode 120 (018): Amulet Heart and Amulet Clover

Episode 121 (019): Amulet Spade and Amulet Dia

Episode 122 (020): Platinum Royale and Dear Baby

Episode 123 (021): Clown Drop and Sky Jack

Episode 124 (022): Black Lynx and Samurai Soul

Episode 125 (023): Lunatic Charm and Seraphic Charm

Episode 126 (024): Beat Jumper & Yamato Maihime and Amulet Angel & Amulet Devil

The Gallery~


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