Shugo Chara! Egg Battle! starts with the three "transformations". Amu then yells, "Shugo Shugo! Egg Battle!".


  • Chopsticks Master - To answer the question given, use chopsticks to take eggs from one box to another.
  • Match the Anwer with Character Cubes - To answer who is singing the current song by arranging that character's face on the cube.
  • Touch and Answer - To answer, there is a box filled with chara figures, and you must feel and touch to answer the question.


The winner was Amulet Heart because she won Chopstick Master many times and ended up with 5 points. Amulet Spade won all the Touch and Answer games and earned 4 points. Amulet Clover, however, won the first, last and middle game and earned 3 points.


  • There were a total of 8 rounds.
  • Many of the games include answering questions about charas, humans, and events.

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