Shugo Bombers attack
Shugo Bombers is a themed Pucchi Pucchi short story revolving around Amu 's Guardian Characters' story-game.


Su gets an idea about how to defeat the X-eggs by reading a comic book. She soon turns the Shugo Chara dollhouse into a superhero-like base and makes Ran, Miki and Dia the heroes with her as the commander. During the series, Ran and Miki are weirded out by this but Dia is enthusiastic. Eventually, Yoru joins the team, and in one episode, Miki is also made the professor and adds antanae to their costumes which ends with Ran calling Miki a traitor. In the final Shugo Bombers short, Suu reveals herself to be a Shugo Bomber hero herself. When X-Kiseki was defeated, Pepe took over the X-egg empire along with her minions (Rhythm and Kusukusu). Suu then pronounced there was going to be a new season which angered Ran & Miki because in the begining of the short, Suu claimed that this was the final Shugo Bombers short and the episode ends with "Really, this is the end" on the sign off sign (in the other Shugo Bombers episodes, it read "To Be Continued" which scared Ran & Miki. Their catchphrase is "Bomb-ger" (which Ran and Miki are embarrassed to say) (created by "bomb-" in "shugo bombers" and "-ger" from "roger").

The Shugo Bombers theme song is also on the Shugo Chara Character Song Collection Vol.3 CD.


Shugo Bombers

Shugo bombers

Shugo Bombers ready for battle!!!

Ran Shugo Fire
Miki Shugo Aqua
Dia Shugo Thunder
Yoru Shugo Iron
Su Commander Suu/ Shugo Legend


Yoru X Yoru
Kiseki X-Kiseki
Pepe X-Pepe
Kusukusu X-Kusukusu
Rhythm X-Rhythm

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