Shugo Chara

The first episode, "Shugo Chara Born!" (しゅごキャラ誕生!, Shugo Kyara Tanjō!), was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan on October 6, 2007 and concluded on September 27, 2008 with the fifty-first episode, "I'll Get the Embryo!" (エンブリオをこの手に!, Enburio o Kono Te ni!). The episodes were rebroadcast by TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting within a few days of the initial broadcast on TV Tokyo. During the week of April 7 to April 13, 2008, "The Fourth Guardian Egg!" (四つ目のしゅごたま!, Yottsume no Shugo Tama!) became one of the 10 most watched anime episodes when it received an average household viewership rating of 4.2%. It later returned to the top 10 during the week of July 21–27, 2008, when its July 26 broadcast received an average rating of 4.1%. A second series, Shugo Chara!! Doki— (しゅごキャラ!!どきっ, Shugo Chara!! Doki—) immediately followed the first series.

Six pieces of theme music by the J-pop group Buono! are used for the first fifty-one episodes, two for the opening and four for the closing. "Egg of the Heart" (こころのたまご, Kokoro no Tamago) is the opening theme for the first twenty-six episodes, and "Liking Everybody" (みんなだいすき, Minna Daisuki) is the opening theme for episodes twenty-seven and onward. "True Self" (ホントのじぶん, Honto no Jibun) is the ending theme for the first twelve episodes, "Renai ♥ Rider" (恋愛♥ライダー, Ren'ai ♥ Raidā) for episodes thirteen to twenty-six, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" for episodes twenty-seven to thirty-nine, and "Do Your Best and Go!" (ガチンコでいこう!, Gachinko de Ikō!) for episode forty to episode fifty-one.

DVD volumes


DVD 01

Release Date: 2008/02/20


DVD 02

Release Date: 2008/03/19


DVD 03

Release Date: 2008/04/16


DVD 04

Release Date: 2008/05/21


DVD 05

Release Date: 2008/06/18


DVD 06

Release Date: 2008/07/16


DVD 07

Release Date: 2008/08/20


DVD 08

Release Date: 2008/09/17


DVD 09

Release Date: 2008/10/15

DVD 10

DVD 10

Release Date: 2008/11/19

DVD 11

DVD 11

Release Date: 2008/12/17

DVD 12

DVD 12

Release Date: 2009/01/21

DVD 13

DVD 13

Release Date: 2009/02/18

DVD 14

DVD 14

Release Date: 2009/03/18

DVD 15

DVD 15

Release Date: 2009/04/15

DVD 16

DVD 16

Release Date: 2009/05/20

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