Rento Souma
Rento Souma

Rento Souma.

(相馬れんと, Sōma Rento) is the fourth youngest brother of the Souma family. He appeared in episode 79 and chapter 31 of Shugo Chara! when Kukai invited Tadase to his house to meet him and his other brothers.


At first, Rento seems like the most polite of the five brothers (shown when says "Pleased to meet you." after first meeting Tadase), but later on he picks on Tadase a little, by saying to him that he is cute, in a girlish way. He also asks if he can pet him. Also, he states that the way Kukai and Kaidou fights is "a little pathetic".


Rento has the same skin tone as Shuusui, and is the second shortest of the five brothers (the shortest being Kukai). He is slim and has brown eyes. His hair is similar to Tadase's, but it is purple. Rento winks quite a lot, and flicks his hair, showing him to act quite feminine.


  • Grandfather Souma: The brothers have a grandfather living in a temple on the mountains.
  • Kaidou Souma: Rento's older brother, and also the eldest brother of the family.
  • Shuusui Souma: Rento's older brother, and also the second eldest brother of the family.
  • Unkai Souma: Rento's older brother, and also the third youngest of the family.
  • Kukai Souma: Rento's younger brother, and also the youngest of the family.


  • He is the only one of the five brothers who does not have Kanji for his first name.

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