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Pearl (パール, Pāru) is an anime-original character in Shugo Chara!.


She is Prince Shuraiya's loyal servant and has been with him since he was very young. As she stated in episode 36, "I dress in men's clothing because it allows me to move about more freely. That way, I can be of more use to Shuraiya."

When Shuraiya loses himself to a pendant of X-Egg power, she tries to reason with him. Her bravery and loyalty to the prince triggers the birth of her Guardian Character, Lulu. At the end of episode 37, she and Shuraiya return to their country, appearing to have developed crushes on one another.


Pearl is a very kind person, who seems very happy with her life. Even when Shuraiya gets mad at her, she puts a smile on her face. Her only wish is for Shuraiya to be happy, even though he doesn't acknowledge her in front of others. Pearl is very caring, for she is seen getting along with Ginger, Shuraiya's tiger.

Guardian Character



Thanks to the power of the Humpty Lock, she gives birth to Lulu, her Guardian Character, who was born from her loyalty and love for Prince Shuraiya.

Special Powers

Before her Guardian Character was born, Pearl has always been able to see Guardian Characters, and so she had the chance to see the resemblance between the king and prince Shuraiya's Guardian Character, Ramira.

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