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Nemi and Nami are twins who looks exactly alike. Both seem to like the same guy who's an upperclassman.


Confuse Character Change

In order for both to like the same guy, they had an argument as Lulu then offers them each the ruby necklace she uses to create Wishing Eggs.

Confuse Character Tranformation

Twin Dream

Twin Dream

Twin dream

Twin Dream

Twin Dream 1

Twin Dream

Twin Dream 2

Twin Dream

Twin Dream 3

Twin Dream

Twin Dream

The twins fight over one copying the other, and Character Transform, as the result, each twin has the opposite element: one is fire and the other ice. Nemi will know what Nami does before she does it and vice-versa. Nana becomes excited because the twins have double the power and she thinks the Embryo will appear and stop Amu. Amu tries to stop the twins' quarrel, but it provoked them to use both their powers against her, so Amu quickly summons her pom-poms to deflect the attack. And, because she is depressed about Tadase finding out that Ikuto was staying with her when they were on a date in Episode 77, she spaces out, causing the twins strengthen their power, which knocks Amu off her feet.

After some encouragement from Rima, Yaya, and Nagihiko, she gets herself back together again in time to stop the twins by telling them to believe in each other instead of hiding things from one another, and therefore can cleanse their heart's eggs.

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