Nagihiko Fujisaki

Nagihiko fujisaki

Nagihiko Fujisaki
July 4
Blood Type
161cm (5 feet, 3 inches )
54kg (118.8lbs)
Japanese Voice
Saeko Chiba, Kanon Fukuda (Musical)

Nagihiko Fujisaki (藤咲なぎひこ, Fujisaki Nagihiko) is a character in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!, the male alter ego of "Nadeshiko Fujisaki," and one of the main protagonists of the story. His voice actor is Saeko Chiba.


In Episode 25, Nadeshiko is revealed to be a boy named Nagihiko. It is a tradition in the Fujisaki family for the males to be raised as females as part of their training so that they may play female roles in Japanese dances.

Nagihiko reveals himself as Nadeshiko's "twin brother" to Amu. In the anime, he never tells Amu the truth about him and "his twin sister". In the manga, though he struggles at first, he manages to tell Amu his secret. The only people who know his secret (besides his family) are Rhythm, Temari, Kukai, Daichi, Tadase, Kiseki, Nobuko SaekiDia, Tsukasa Amakawa, Rima, Kusukusu, and in the manga only, Amu.

After Kairi Sanjo left, he returns in Episode 56. Using his true identity, he is appointed as the new Jack's Chair.

In Chapter 4 of Shugo Chara Encore, with some encouragement from Rima, he hurriedly whispers to Amu that he is Nadeshiko, shocking Amu while she catches the bouquet that Yukari threw. (It was Nikaidou's and Yukari's wedding that day, in the manga).


He has amber eyes, and long flowing indigo hair.

As Nagihiko: As Nagihiko, he lets his hair loose. He wears the blue Royal Cape and the Seiyo Academy boy's uniform. He has also been seen wearing sportswear.

As Nadeshiko: As Nadeshiko, his hair is tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon that has sakura flower ends. Compared to other girls, Nadeshiko was extremely tall for his age. He has been seen wearing traditional kimonos while practicing Japanese dance.


Nagihiko is a calm and cool-headed person, much like Miki. He usually forms the plans for dealing with X Eggs and ? Transformations.

He hates when people (especially boys) tease him for having to act like a girl, and will punish people for doing so.

He is kind and understanding by nature, and has been a big help assisting Amu with emotional difficulties.


Dancing: Nagihiko specializes in traditional Japanese dancing, although he can perform many other dances (such as ballroom dances and possibly street dances) as well. Because of his family, he practices Japanese dancing often (usually as Nadeshiko, but has been seen dancing as Nagihiko in the manga in Shugo Chara! Encore! 2, with some of his hair tied up to one side). He has (according to his mother) almost mastered the art.

Basketball/Other Sports: Nagihiko also likes to play basketball and other sports. He has been seen playing basketball as a young child, and is an extremely high jumper and good shooter. Sometimes he combines dancing with basketball, which awed Amu (in the anime) and Rima (in the manga). As a young child, he played basketball with others, but only once. This is because most of the time he had to act like a girl, which forced him to conceal his basketball skills, and to jump only as high as an average girl. If he played to his fullest potential, others could think he wasn't a girl. This made Nagihiko depressed and miserable, as he really enjoyed the game.

Cooking: Nagihiko is also an extremely talented cook (much better than Amu, even better than Saaya's professional chefs), which may be a skill he acquired while in disguise as Nadeshiko.

Fashion: Although fashion technically isn't something Nagihiko has much interest in, it is worth mentioning that he has an eccentric fashion sense compared to other boys. This may be just another thing influenced by him spending a good deal of his life acting like a girl.

Guardian Characters




SCE Temari


Main article: Temari

Nadeshiko's first Guardian Character is the elegant, yet fierce-tempered Temari. Prior to Nadeshiko's return from Europe, she went back to her egg to slumber for a long period of time. During the final confrontation against Easter, her owner is reminded of all the problems of being a girl and his passion for dancing. When he is able to overcome those problems, Temari is finally able to reawaken from her sleep.

During episode 109, Amu sees a poster on a bulletin board. It said that Nadeshiko was going to perform in Japan. At this time, poor Nagihiko happens to pass by. After Amu begs him to let her see Nadeshiko, he takes Amu and Rima to the location of Nadeshiko's performance, then hurries into the changing rooms to change into Nadeshiko. Temari takes Rythmn's place. Rima makes Nagihiko become Nadeshiko, then return to Nagihiko countless times. Rythmn and Temari had to switch with him as well.


SCE Rhythm




Main article: Rhythm

While Nagihiko was in Europe, he lost the confidence to dance like a girl and Temari was forced back into her egg. At the same time, Rhythm's egg was born, which he later brings with him back to Japan. When Nagihiko remembers how much he loves basketball, the egg hatches into the cool and outgoing Rhythm. Although Rhythm makes Nagihiko do some embarrassing things, Nagihiko still loves him.

In Episode 92, Rhythm forces Nagihiko to Character Change, and makes Nagihiko participate in a number of sports, such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Due to the Character Change, Nagihiko is good at every one of them, and all the sports teams want him on their team. Later, he is seen hiding from the sports teams with Amu. Rhythm Character Changes with him and makes him shout, "I'll join the team of whoever can catch me before I exit the school building!" Rhythm then makes him pick up Amu and jump out the nearby window.

Character Change

With Temari


Character Change with Temari

When Nagihiko undergoes a Character Change with Temari, he has cherry blossom-shaped hairclips in his ribbon and becomes more aggressive, more competitive, speaks in Hiroshima slang, and attacks with a naginata. This Character Change can activate by itself when something goes wrong in Nagihiko's house or stage. It can also activate itself when Nagihiko is in, or watching any sort of competition.

With Rhythm

Copy of 921

Character Change with Rhythm

In the anime, when Nagihiko Character Changes with Rhythm, he gets blue headphones around his neck and becomes more sporty and outgoing, but it also makes him fall in way over his head - in other words, he's rash and impulsive during Character Change with Rhythm. He can also be quite the flirt.

This Character Change causes Nagihiko to have the desire to play all kinds of sports, for example: basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, judo, etc. The best example of this is in episode 92, when he is late to the tea party at the Royal Garden because he had been playing sports and had lost track of time. Nagihiko decides not to trigger this Character Change again. However, Rhythm makes him character change against his will several times, even though he tells Rhythm "You can't just Character Change without my permission first!". This caused him quite a lot of headaches, and made him rather moody for a while after Rhythm was born. He can be seen arguing with Rhythm a lot after these forced Character Changes.

Character Transformations

Beat Jumper

Beat Jumper

Beat Jumper


When Nagihiko Character Transforms with Rhythm, he becomes an outgoing and athletic character called "Beat Jumper," a character who is capable of sports, inclusing basketball. This represents his love for basketball at his own pace.

Appearance: As Beat Jumper, Nagihiko wears a blue vest over two shirts: one white and short sleeved, one purple and long sleeved. He wears a beanie with two small blue wings on his head, and blue fingerless gloves. He also sports black headphones around his neck. He wears blue cargo pants, knee pads, and black knee-high shoes with blue wings on them.

Abilities: His special attack is "Beat Dunk." In the manga, he only utilizes it with a basketball to shoot a hoop, while in the anime, he can use a basketball or create an energy ball for the attack, which expands the power.

Another attack, revealed in Episode 93, is "Blaze Shoot." He forms a blue energy ball to throw, which becomes a frisbee-like shape as it flies through the air and slices through a chain of X-Eggs.

The wings attached to his boots allow him to jump to an incredible height.

Yamato Maihime

Yamato Maihime

Yamato Maihime

When Nagihiko Character Transforms with Temari, Nagihiko becomes a graceful dancer called "Yamato Maihime." This represents his passion for Japanese dance and his feminine side.


Abilities: Yamato Maihime" can perform a combined attack with Clown Drop called "Queen's Waltz." In the anime, she gets two solo attacks, "Robe of Feathers" and "Dance of the Cherry Blossoms."



Love Life

  • Rima Mashiro: Rima was suspicious of Nagihiko when he first appeared, becoming jealous at his and Amu's friendship. At Episode 99, Rima knows about his secret as Clown Drop and works with him, performing Queen's Waltz. In the manga, Rima shows a hint of interest in him after their battle with Easter by saying that Nadeshiko has a good personality as Nagihiko smiles


    in return. It is hinted that Nagihiko also has an interest in Rima by always saving her and protecting her from X-Eggs by risking his own life in the anime. In Chapter 42 of the manga, Yaya said that they had a nice mood going on just like with Tadase and Amu, who is another romance hint added to their relationship.In Episode 99, when she first "officially" met Nadeshiko, she was seen blushing around "her." In Shugo Chara! Party! Episode 7, Rima asks Nagihiko to treat her to a parfait, which some fans consider a date. In Shugo Chara! Encore!, Rima says again that she gets along with Nadeshiko better than she does with Nagihiko. When Nagihiko changes into Nadeshiko, Rima immediately glomps "her." In this chapter, Nadeshiko refers to Rima as cute for a few times, even though she does not like that compliment. "She" then later takes down her hairtie, going back to Nagihiko. Rima opens up to him about her parents and he replies with comforting words. He then tells Rima that she can cry if she wants. Rima replies that she is not going to cry. Later, she says to him, "...I said it before but, I'm not going to cry." Nagihiko looks at her, wipes away a tear on her face, then caresses her cheek, and says, "That's right, because it's not tears that suit you
    Shugo chara 7
    ..." and Kusukusu finishes, "It's a smile!" Nagihiko and Rima then share a smile together. Nagihiko tells his mother later that he has found the flower beginning to bloom, which is Rima's smile. In Chapter 4 of Shugo Chara! Encore!, Rima was acting friendlier towards Nagihiko. Rima also patted his head when Nagihiko was confused (He says that he could never tell Amu the truth although it was entirely Rima's fault he didn't get to tell in the first place). He said that since it is Rima patting his head, he is happy and Rhythm says that he was getting manipulated. In the last few pages of Chapter 4, Rima was the one who encouraged Nagihiko to tell Amu that he was actually Nadeshiko by telling him, "Good luck!"
  • Amu Hinamori: Nagihiko, as Nadeshiko, had developed a crush for Amu mostly in the beginning of the season. As stated below, when Amu rejected the Guardians' offer, he tried many things to get her to join. At Episode 9, as Nadeshiko, he invited Amu over for a sleepover despite that he had dance practice. At one point, he takes Amu to the temple of love and calls her his girlfriend. It was the hardest to tell her he was leaving, too. In Episodes 56 and 62, he just cannot resist her "sparkle attack." In Episode 69, he protects Rima from First Love Dream attack, makes him says "I'm actually Nade-", but Tadase shuts up him before he saying the truth about Nadeshiko to Amu and makes Amu confused. Also, in Episode 92, he Character Changes and exits the building hold Amu bridal style.


  • Amu Hinamori:
    Amu and nagi

    Amu and Nagihiko

    When Amu rejected the offer to join the Guardians, he tried various ways to get her to join. As Nadeshiko, he and Amu became best friends and Nadeshiko would give her advice. As Nagihiko, he remains friends with Amu as Nadeshiko's "twin," but keeps his identity a secret. In the anime, there appears to be fan girls over Amu and Nagihiko supposedly being a couple. Amu says in the anime that she is being "too fickle," and she starts to fall for Nagihiko. To Nagihiko, in episode 56 and 62, Nagihiko cannot resist Amu's "sparkle," since she is a girl. Another fact is way back in Episode 9 where "Nadeshiko" chooses to have Amu over rather than practice; this shocked his/her mother and grandmother since he treasures dancing and never chose it over a friend. In the anime, Nagihiko has not told Amu about his secret about him being Nadeshiko, while in the manga, he does at the ending of Shugo Chara! Encore.
    Nagihiko tadase and kukai

    Nagi,Tadase and Kukai

  • Tadase Hotori: From the start, Tadase had been told that Nadeshiko is a boy in disguise for training. They retain a good friendship, however, and Tadase keeps his identity a secret to the rest of the group.
  • Kukai Souma: Kukai was told of Nadeshiko's identity in advance. They retain a good friendship, and Kukai also keeps his identity a secret from the other Guardians.
  • Yaya Yuiki: As Nadeshiko, Yaya often chatted with him as they were the only two female guardians. They appear to be good friends.


  • Queen
  • Jack
  • Nadeshiko
  • Nagihiko
  • Nagi-nii (By Yaya)
  • Fujisaki-kun (By Tadase)
  • Fujisaki-san (By Tadase)
  • Purple-Head (By Rima)
  • Girly-Boy (By Ikuto)
  • Playboy
  • Nade
  • Na-chin (By Yaya)
  • Long haired onee-chan (By Ami)
  • Nagi (Yaya also)
  • Crossdresser (By Rima)


  • Nagihiko is portrayed by Kanon Fukuda in the musical. Ironically enough, Kanon Fukuda also voices Natsuki Sasahara from Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri, who shares a few similarities with Nagihiko, such as the long purple hair, the traditional Japanese lifestyle, and the liking for sports.
  • Nagihiko is canonically nicknamed "Nagi" by almost everyone. Nagihiko's nickname means "calm" in Japanese, referring to his usual tranquil personality. It can also refer to the weapon he uses when Character Changing with Temari in "Nadeshiko mode," a naginata.
  • His character song is titled Hana Tegami and comes from the album Shugo Chara! Character Song Collection 2.
  • Nagihiko's last name, "Fujisaki," is translated as "Wisteria blossom," a flower that is used in traditional Japanese dances for decoration.
  • While Character Transforming with Rhythm he says "Boku no kokoro unlock!" like Tadase. In Nadeshiko mode with Temari he says "Watashi no kokoro, unlock!" like Rima.
  • He was born on the 4th of July.
  • When Amu was hiding Ikuto in her house, she kept it a secret from everyone - especially Tadase. Hoping to clear her head, and know what to do, she talks to Nagihiko about it. From what Nagihiko says, it is clear that Nagihiko knows he is right about keeping his alter ego identity a secret from Amu, knowing that it would make her hurt and confused if he were to tell her.


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