Misaki's heart's egg was extracted and turned into an X-Egg after she found out Tadase didn't like high strung people, she being one and having a crush on him at the time didn't help at all. This causes her heart's egg to get glazed over with gray.
Misaki chara

Misaki's Guardian Character

Nikaidou notices how sad she was and says he could see her heart's egg, extracting it while Amu is trying to find Misaki. She appears in Episode 008.


Misaki's Guardian Character is shown wearing a white wedding dress and holding a bouquet of yellow flowers. Her dress seems to be a light beige or white and on top of her head is a tiara with a veil flowing down her back. Her hair is red (or orange; however you like to call it) and her eyes brown. She doesn't mention her name to Amu and that may be because Misaki's heart's egg hadn't been born yet.

As an X-Character, she looks like a typical one, black with a red "X" on their foreheads, but she has a veil traveling behind her head, much like her regular appearance.


Amu and her Guardian Characters are looking for Misaki wondering where she went since Amu had to take care of Tadase, who Misaki had made Character Change when she said "prince." They find her, but are too late as her X-Egg hatches into an X-Character. Amu's running away from the Character's attacks and notices that those attacks are hyperactive like Misaki, too. She falls and hits Tadase who, having Character Changed, blocks the X-Character's attack and tells her to Character Transform. She does, and becoms Amulet Heart. They listen to Misaki say that no one would ever like a hyper person like her, but Amu tells her not to doubt what made her who she was and that she liked her just as she was. Amu purifies the X-Egg with Open Heart and meets the person Misaki wants to be: someone who gets married to the person she loves and to be happy.