Mimori Morino


Mimori Morino
Seiyo Academy students
Japanese Voice
Fujimura Ayumi

Mimori is a character that appeared in episode 73 of Shugo Chara Doki!.


Mimori loves to examine cooking recipes and to cook, but her talent in cooking isn't perfect.


Mimori is shown with golden yellow eyes and deep mauve hair color. Her hairstyle is perfectly straight until it reaches to the length of her back, and on Mimori's head is a black head band on the front. Mimori's attire is a pale blue-colored shirt with a black tie on the top of her collar.

As Delicious Dream, Mimori's attire is based on a waitress. Minori's hair color merges into a light shade of lavender or pink. Like the previous victims, Mimori's eyes are shaded red and she have a large "?" mark on her forehead. She is shown wearing a white dress with an apron on her waist that is tied with a waist bow. A red tie was holded around her neck. On the left side, she have a very bright pink color on her dress. Mimori wears white stockings with shoes that matches her stockings. On the top of her shoes are wide like a flower blooming.

Confusion Character Change

She can hear Guardian Characters' voices, like when she took advice from Su, thinking that she was a cooking fairy since Mimori could only hear her voice.

Confusion Character Transformation

Delicious Dream

Her Heart's Egg was made into a Mystery Egg by Lulu, becoming a character called Cooking Dream that makes anyone that eats her food say that it's delicious then faint. Thanks to Mikis plan, Su was able to be saved by Ran, whom Mimori
Delicious Dream

Cooking Dream

kidnapped her, and joined up with Amu and tries to use each of her Character Transformations, in order: Ran, Miki, and Su. As Amulet Heart, she used Heart Speeders, to soar into the sky as Mimori sends her cooking utensils to chase after her. Then Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Spade and used Colorful Canvas to trap all of the utensils in one place. Finally, as Amulet Clover appears, Su tells Mimori that everyone starts off in a rough start, as Ran and Miki tells Mimori also that as long she practices, she can get the hang of it. With Mimori having second thoughts, Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia cleanses Mimori's Heart's Egg, and saves her.