The story (second season)

As I said this anime girl was from Mermaid Melody, she is. She lives with Kaito, Luchia's boyfriend, and her brother. As I heard from Google, Mikaru is trying to not let Luchia be with Kaito. Mikaru then broke-up, but gave the silver necklace, which belonged to Kaito, and then gone to the sea at night, seeing Mikeru, the evil male angel in the second season of Mermaid Melody. Mikeru said to Mikaru if she doesn't want to be with Kaito anymore, because Kaito has got Luchia now, Mikeru told her to fall into the sea, and then she will grow wings, but will be "safe" inside Mikeru's heart. The Great One is Mikaru's father, and destroys the statue that is Mikeru's real self. I hope you understand the second-season story!

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