Maika Himekawa
Episode 6
Guardian Character:
Name unknown

Maika Himekawa is a Prima in her Ballet Class. She also is in the same ballet class as Yaya Yuiki. Voice By:Holly Berger,Mun Nam Suk


Maika has brown hair tied in a ponytail, and in ballet class she is seen wearing a purple leotard, and white tights with pink ballet shoes.

Episode Summary

Maika is the daughter of a famous ballet prima. She admires her mom and following her, she is the best in the class. She thinks she will be the prima of the next ballet show, but eventually she accidentally twists her ankle, and is unable to dance. Yaya takes her place as the ballet prima, which makes Maika's heart's egg turn into an X egg. Amu turns into Amulet Spade for the first time, and "heals" the X egg. Maika's shugo chara also appears to thank Amu. But the shugo chara also goes back in Maika's heart, which makes Maika unable to see her. After the "incident" though, Maika is back to believing in her self.

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