This article focuses on the Guardian Character, Lulu. If you are looking the character of Season 2, see Lulu de Morcerf Yamamoto.



Lulu (ルール, Rūru) is the Guardian Character of a devoted servant girl, Pearl. Lulu is born in episode 37 of the anime.


When Shuraiya lost himself to a pendant of X-Egg power, Pearl tried to reason with him. Her bravery and loyalty to the prince triggers the birth of her this Guardian Character. When the other Guardian Characters were trapped in a lamp, she distracted the X-Characters who captured them and made her move to release the characters. In Shugo Chara Party episode 15, her name is revealed to be Lulu.


Lulu looks a lot like Pearl in many aspects; they both share the same skin colour, eye colour and both wear their hair in similar ways, except Lulu's hair is purple.

She is seen wearing a purple and pink shawl, wearing a white dress underneath. She also has a red dot on her forehead and wears two gold bangles, one on each wrist. She is always carrying around a book with a bookmark; this could be related to the fact that Pearl looks after the King's diary, but the title of this book is never seen and it seems to float by her side if she doesn't carry it.



It has been stated that she is very reliable.

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