Lulu's power

Lulu's ruby necklace

The ruby necklace is an item used by the anime-original character Lulu to corrupt a Heart's Eggs.

Ruby Necklace

Once it is used on a child, his or her Heart's Egg will turn into a Wishing Egg and take over that child, making him or her go out of control and wreak havoc around the city while in Character Change, and then enact a corrupted version of Character Transformation. It is hand-crafted by Lulu herself.

The necklaces shows capability to corrupt Guardian Characters as well, example being Cecil, Yua Sakurai's Guardian Character.

Lulu mainly uses the necklaces on a person who doubts their skills and their dreams, and she must be in Character Change with Nana during the transition.

When Lulu parts ways with Amu in Episode 89, Lulu gives Amu a powerless Ruby Necklace as a gift.

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