These are the known clothes that Utau wears in the series


outfit 0

She wears it in Episode 42

Outfit #1


This dress is worn in Shugo Chara episode 12. She wore it for dance practice. It includes a violet track suit top with black strips on either side. A black pant with violet,white and brown circle is worn. Utau ties her hairs into braidedpigtails.

Outfit #2


This dress is worn in Shugo Chara! episode 43.

Outfit #3

539px-Black diamond recording

This outfit is worn in Shugo chara! episode 42. Her shirt is pink and say Blue Moon and one also it is one of her songs.

Outfit # 4


This outfit is worn by utau in shugo chara doki! episode 75. This includes a frock like white sweater. she wores black pant with black boots.she also wears high neck top inside. In manga she wears earphones with ribbbons on it.

Outfit #5

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It is worn in Shugo Chara! episode 43. It is seen in flashback when utau got excited like ami when she heard various types songs. She wears a pink frock. Here pink and white are main colours.


Outfit #5

This outfit is worn by utau in Shugo chara doki! episode 100 seen in ikuto's memories. She wears an orange top which is accompanied by a white skirt.

Outfit #6


Outfit #7

An outfit worn by Utau during Glorious Sunshine.

Outfit #8


This outfit is worn by Utau in Shugo chara party! episode 19. It has a blue top with white pants. She has a cross necklace and a pair of sunglasses.

Outfit #9


This dress is worn in Shugo chara! episode 12.

Outfit #10



This dress is worn by Utau many times especially when she is performing Meikyuu Butterfly in stage. It includes a black frock with silver rings attached to form a chain. Utau carries her Guardian Eggs attached to this chain. Utau ties her hair in ponies.


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