Some of Amu's Outfits

These are the known clothes that Amu wears in the series.

It's a bit unfortunate that so many animes typically stick with a single outfit for each cast member. Animators are artistically inclined by trade and as such can churn out some great -- and at worst, "creative" -- fashion design. The crew at Satelight more than did their job with Shugo Chara, a series loaded with unique outfits. Hinamori Amu, the lead of Shugo Chara, has been fashioned by her own mother as what the series terms "goth punk". Either way, her clothes come off more as being influenced by -- and less of a direct example of -- said style.

Outfit #1

One of the most common used outfit is the Seiyo Elementary Uniform. Amu wears this uniform in
her own style, instead of the normal way. (Tuck in shirt, tie tied correctly, different socks, and hair style) Her accessories match with her uniform. One thing you'll notice is her hair clip. It is an 'x' which is her own unique symbol. It's red, just like her uniform. Amu puts her hair in many different ways. Some days, she'll use only one hair clip, and on other days, she'll use two hair clips. It varies on random episodes. Her hair clip is always red so it'll match her uniform. She puts her hair up or sometimes low (clipping hair together in two strands).

One of the standing-out features of Amu is her red cloth pinned on her left arm. It is pinned by a normal safety pin. The clothing around her arm is also red, just like her uniform. Reasons for this are very known. Most likely she does this so she can show her own amazing style. No other Seiyo Elementary student wears this, except Amu. It is not part of the uniform. To Amu's classmates, this is her "cool and spicy" clothing. In other words, this red cloth clipped on her uniform is very fashionable and is supposedly very "cool". Amu only wears this on her uniform. The way how Amu ties her tie is not perfect. Other students would have it all the way, but Amu leaves it with some space between the tie and her neck. This way, it'll match with her belt, socks, and the red cloth on her arm

Another standing-out features of her uniform is her belt. Amu is the only female student at Seiyo Elementary who wears a belt to school. This belt is partly punk and black (the color) for Gothic. She is also the only female student who does not tuck in her shirt. It looks fashionable like this, though, because of the belt and how it is worn. For some reason, she does not get in trouble for not tucking in her shirt or for wearing extra accessories. (The red cloth clipped on her left arm) This is the most unique part of the uniform, her socks. Her sock pattern is the same as her skirt. Therefore, it matches with her uniform. It's like leg warmers and it matches with her style. (The belt and her hair clip) Her socks are loose towards her feet. Actually, these aren't socks. These are actually leg warmers. It goes up to
her knees. The leg warmers stay in place with a mini-belt. (The black things on the leg warmers on her knees) This is also
where the rumors started. The "coolness" came form her leg warmers and her red cloth on her right arm. Amu also decorates her backpack with a red belt-like string. Nobody does this at Seiyo Elementary. This is one of the standing-out features of her uniform. The way how Amu stands and carries her backpack is also unique. All Seiyo Elementary students will carry it in their hand down but Amu holds it on her shoulders.

Outfit #2

Another outfit that Amu barely wears. In this outfit, Amu wears a pink dotted magenta tank top that goes along with a small white sweater. Both don't have a collar. Her tank top also includes strings that goes around her neck. The small white sweater have wrist protectors at the end of it. They are black. She also wears a black skirt which have a curvy pattern at the end of it. She doesn't wear any socks or leggings in this outfit. In this get-up, she goes with two red hair clips that clamps her hair together. This was also shown in Episode 33 when Amu is looking for an outfit with Miki's help. Miki totally rejects this outfit because it's not matching. The red hair clip turned off the outfit. The outfit is really actually plain though. This was also worn by Amu in Episode 3 where she was wrapping the cookies that she is going to give to Tadase.

Outfit #3

This outfit is only seen twice so far. It was shown in Episode 33 when Amu is looking for an outfit to go with Ikuto with Miki's help and on Episode 14. In this outfit, Amu wears mostly black and white shirt. She first wears a frilly shirts. The first layer is white and then a black t-shirt with a printing on the back, colored lavender. The first layer also pops up underneath the black shirt and is all frilly. She then wears a blue skirt with a small white part on the bottom of it. This gives the outfit a nice feel of color white.She then wears black leggings that reach up to middle of her knees and ankles. This also gives a nice feel of the color black for her outfit. Her hair is clipped up to the side, not the center. The hair clip is a shade of red, sort of pink.

Outfit #4

This dress is only worn once during Episode 33. As you can see, this is the most matching outfit out of all her other outfits. Though Amu did not pick this one to wear to her date, because it would make her seem desperate. She wears a lot of ribbons around her body parts in this outfit. (Her two legs and her hair) The outfit is very soft and gives a nice feeling of a lolita person. It is really frilly and has a pattern on the red part of the dress. You can tell that the two main colors of this outfit is red and white. Amu also wears fingerless gloves in this outfit, which also has ribbons. She then wears a hat on the top of her head with a big red ribbon on top of it. The dress is short sleeved. The sleeves goes down to her upper arms and has ribbons around them. The corners of her shoulders are very puffy. There are also lots of crossed-strings in the center of her dress. Which holds her dress together. Her hair is also curly so that it can match with this outfit. Finally, her curly pigtailed-hair is adorned by red ribbons.

Outfit #5
This outfit appeared in Episode 33. Amu wears this to her date with Tadase. This outfit looks very much like a uniform, but it is actually not. It has a sailor-styled top. The collar has maroon-checkered pattern just as how the ribbon in her shirt appears. A small portion of her hair off the side is clipped a red clip, served as her hairstyle in this outfit. (Though it doesn't match with her get-up) She also wears a choker with a string knotted into a ribbon in it. Her outfit is mostly black, but there are also large parts with the color maroon. There are also small portions of the color white on the outfit as you can see. They appear off the sleeves and on the hem of the shirt. The skirt reaches up to the middle of her thighs. It is printed as checkered with a maroon color (like the ribbon and the choker). She wears black socks that goes up to right below her knees. There are also small portions of white lace on it. The shoes that she is wearing is all white. This outfit was also used in Shugo Chara! DVD 11 Cover.

Outfit #6

This is another outfit that is seen only once in the anime. She wore this in Episode 33 while looking for an outfit to wear for her date with Tadase with the help of Miki. The outfit was rejected by Miki. The small dress is seperated into two layers. The inner layer is a bright red long-sleeved shirt. The second layer is a black dress with 2 white stripes. It also has two yellow dots and one pink dot on the dress. The dress goes up to her high thighs. She puts her hair into two small portion in the front. The dress does not defy gravity, Amu's arms are in the way of the straps that hold them up. This outfit was first worn in Episode 7 and was seen used by Amu during the first opening song, Kokoro no Tamago.

Outfit #7

Another outfit that Amu wears only once. She wears this during Episode 33 while looking for an outfit to wear for her date with Tadase with the help of Miki. Miki easily rejects this outfit. In this outfit, Amu wears a white, long-sleeved t-shirt mostly white, with small stripes of black. On top of that t-shirt, she wears a tank-top like shirt. It is black, but its outline is red and has a ribbon by the neckline connecting all the outlines. It also has white frills on the edges of the outfit. This outfit really matches Amu. For the hair style, she clipped most of the center portion of her hair, the portion locates near her forehead. The red clip, though, does not match with the outfit because it was too bright.

Outfit #8

This is Amu wearing a ballet costume. She was asked to wear this by Yaya's ballet instructor. After wearing it, the instructor said she looks beautiful and is perfect for ballet. Of course, Amu isn't good at dancing and isn't flexible. She only sat in the costume. This outfit was worn only once in Episode 6 where Yaya had to practice her ballet. The main color of this outfit is pink and her hair is clipped up at its highest point. You can also see that Amu isn't very comfortable in this outfit.

Outfit #9

This is Amu's going-out outfit. She wore this when Yaya asked her to come over and help do Guardians Work, but it was actually to help babysit her baby brother. So far, this outfit is only seen once in the anime (Episode 31). In this get-up, Amu has two hair clips on her hair and clipped up two small portions of it. She wears a leopard-like outer-layer shirt, black shirt underneath that goes down to her upper thighs, an unique red belt, and maroon pants. Her shoes is colored white but with black details. She also wears a brace band on her left wrist and a silver necklace as accessories.

Outfit #10

This outfit was worn twice in Shugo Chara! Doki!. Amu wears a uniform-like
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outfit with a tie, rolled up sleeves, a grey skirt, a silver belt, and boots. The tie and the belt are loose so it will look trendy. On her left side there are small pins, which are for accessories only. Her tie and socks are both blue. Her socks goes up to the lower thigh portion. The skirt is very short and her boots have black strings, which goes from the heels to the bottom part of her knees. This outfit gives Amu a trendy tomboy-ish look. Though it couldn't be seen in the picture, Amu's hairstyle looked like how she clipped it in Outfit #8 but instead, she used a black hair clip. This was also worn by Amu in Shugo Chara! Doki! DVD 15 Cover.

Outfit #11

This is Amu's outfit was worn multiple times throughout the second season. Her hair has a small pigtail off to the left side, tied with two black cross-shaped hair clips. Her shirt has a companion of hot pink, pink, black, and white colors. A white heart is in the
middle of her shirt with black borders around it. The first layer of sleeves in this outfit is colored pink while the second layer of sleeves which goes above her elbows are colored black. The neckline is also colored black. A white heart is in the middle of her shirt. Though it may not be seen, she is also wearing black leggings with pink laces at the hem. It also comes with white suspender-like straps hanging from her leggings.Her pink hair matches her pink clothes. This outfit was first worn in Episode 28 and also appeared to be used by Amu in the first ending song of the second season.

Outfit #12

This outfit is seen a few times. It is mostly seen in Shugo Chara! Doki! so far. This outfit consists of a top, a skirt, and long socks that goes up to Amu's thighs. Amu wears two red hair ties. She also wears a top that has a lacy neck collar. A white part on her top and her sleeves are striped with black an pink. Her skirt is black while her long socks are mostly pink with lacings at the top. It seems that it is tied wth black strings to complete the outfit.

Outfit #13

This is another outfit form Shugo Chara! Doki!. In this outfit, Amu wears a red patterned cap with a huge red and yellow striped scarf. Her jacket is white and she also wears a black skirt. Her skirt is very short, so her socks are worn up to her thighs. Her socks are pink and her boots are black and saggy, which gives "cute" style. Her red scarf covers most of the white jacket, so not much is seen there. The outfit is seen only in the winter time of the anime. This was also the outfit that Amu used in Shugo Chara! Doki! DVD 4.


Outfit #15

Outfit #14 (November 10, 2012)

Amu wears a purple and white stripped under shirt that has no collar and begins just under her shoulders. Over top of this she wears a white top that has a strap around her neck. The top also has a black ribbon tied at the center and black frills at the arms. While wearing this outfit she often would wear a black belt with her hair tied up.

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