Lightning Blade

Samurai Soul, when performing Lightning Blade.

Lightning Blade (稲妻ブレード Inazuma burēdo) is Samurai Soul's finishing blow to tear his targets apart.

He can combine forces with Amulet Clover's Remake Honey and Remake Honey Special; and Platinum Royale's White Decoration.


When Kairi is convinced that he is actually a good person by Amu, he transforms into Samurai Soul with Musashi. Together, they defend Amu from X Eggs with this attack.


It first appears in Episode 41 of the anime and Chapter 24 of the manga.

  • This attack shares Kakashi Hatake's signature move from the Naruto series.
  • Basically also shares one of the Master Swordman (Ryoma) attacks from Power Stone.
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