Koyomi Hirano


Koyomi Hirano
Seiyo Academy students
Japanese Voice
Kadowaki Mai

Koyomi is an anime-original character who appears in episode 60.


Koyomi enjoys telling fortunes to people.


Koyomi has short hair that reaches to the end of her neck, and a deep violet hair color. Her hair is tied into a small ponytail with a tight, red hairbow. Koyomi has a dark gold eye color.

As Fortune Dream, Her attire is based on a hooded witch. Koyomi's hood is all yellow except for the tip which is violet. As for her attiire, the right side is yellow, while the other is violet. Two purple diamonds are held on the center of her costume. Koyomi has black boots, and the bottom of her costume is jagged into lengthy sections. She is seen with a star-shaped wand, a wooden broom, and mainly, a large "?" mark on her forehead.

Confusion Character Change

After being discouraged about her fortune telling, Lulu turned her heart's egg into a ? egg, turning her into Fortune Dream.

Fortune Dream

Fortune Dream

Character Transformation: Fortune Dream!

Fortune Dream has the ability of making every fortune she foretells comes true. Which more or less, is simply controlling the person or surroundings and making them act according to her 'predictions'. She was defeated by Amulet Clover in a first time use of Su's bubble wand. After being returned to normal, she conceded to the fact that even as a fortune teller, she did not always have to be correct.


  • Koyomi has read Lulu's fortune, even though Lulu didn't believe it.