Kiran is the Guardian Character of a young girl named Hinako Mizutani. She first appears in episode 61.
Kiran smiling


Her egg was first seen falling from a moving truck when her owner moved houses. She was then found by Amu and the others and was taken into their care until she finally hatched.

Together, the Guardian Characters went across the city while helping troubled people and trying to find her owner, Hinako. Kiran shares similarities with Amu's Guardian Character, Dia, as they both represent the desire to shine that comes from their owners, which probably was the reason why Kiran needed the help of Dia's spirit to help her hatch.


Kiran wears a white with yellow sparkles dress with a white collar on it with a white belt. She also has yellow gloves with a yellow tiara with a big yellow diamond in the middle. Her eyes are a golden yellow, and her long hair with banges is a light blonde.Her outfit takes a diamond look.


Kiran has a sparkling look and is a girl who always thinks positively and is optimistic. Whenever she sees someone troubled by something, she tries her best to assist them. Her personality represents the radiance and desire to help others that shines within her owner (Hinako), since her owner is a really shy person. Although she is always bright and positive, this also leads to trouble. For example, when a man in episode dropped a box of oranges, Kiran went to help out but ended up getting trapped in the box along with the other Guardian Characters. She can also be annoying in a way because of her optimistic ways of looking at things, but her good qualities stand out more because she really means no harm.Because she is like Dia, Dia pulled her out.

Special Powers

Kiran has the power to feel what Hinako is feeling, even from a very far distance.

Character Change


kiran chara change

Kiran can use Character Change to turn her owner into a helpful person with a positive personality. As an aspect to the change, her hair scrunchy changes into a sparkle, which resembles Amu's character change with Dia.


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