Hitomi Ninagawa


Hitomi Ninagawa
Japanese Voice
Katou Emiri

Hitomi Ninagawa is a minor character who appeared in Episode 55 of the anime. She was a fan of Utau's and dreamt of meeting her face-to-face. She dreams to become a singer someday and has the talent.


Hitomi's appearance is a peach-skinned girl with indigo-colored eyes. Her hair is tied into neck-lengthed pigtails with pink tight scrunchies, and her hair color is simply brown.

Hitomi is shown in her pink shirt with a white, large section on the center.

As Singer Dream, Hitomi's pigtails become longer until they reach to her feet, and her hair color merges into a light orange color. Her scrunchies are changed into fuchsia-colored spheres. Her white dress contains fuhscia and light pink round patterns on the bottom. The bottom of Koyomi's dress is reaching to her knees and was ruffled on the end. Underneath her dress, she have black sleeves and black boots with light pink round sections on the tips and soles. Behind her are a pair of large, weird-shaped music notes. She have a large "?" mark on her forehead, prior by Lulu, who hypnotized Hitomi.

Confusion Character Change

Lulu felt her doubts and so used her magic to provoke her into singing with all her heart. As she sang, she made everyone around her fall into a trance.

Confusion Character Transformation

Singing Dream

Hitomi as Singing Dream.

Singer Dream

Hitomi became "Singer Dream" when Utau told her that her song made everyone's hearts empty shells.

She fought Utau and Amu in battle, but lost to Amu's Prism Music and later Utau's Angel Cradle. After some reasoning, Hitomi returned her to her old self, with her memories as Singer Dream removed.



The word/name "Hitomi" means "pupil of the eye" in japanese.