Haruki Maruyama


Haruki Maruyama
Episode 75
Japanese Voice
Masako Nozawa

Haruki Maruyama is a charismatic elementary school gourmet that has his own ramen blog, Haruki is a minor character who appeared in episode 75 of the anime.

Voice By:Russi Taylor, Lee So Yeong


Haruki Maruyama is a elementary student who wrote a ramen blog. Ramen rules that like how to eat it or make it wrote in the blog. He meets Utau and told her the proper way to eat ramen. He meets Lulu and he turns into Gourmet Dream. Gourmet Dream (Haruki) will attack people that are wrong to how to eat and how to make ramen, etc..In the end he learned that there is no right way to ramen, you just have to enjoy it. But Haruki tries Utau's way and finds deliciously awesome!

Confusion Character Transformation

Gourmet Dream

Gourmet Dream

Haruki as Gourmet Dream

As Gourmet Dream, Haruki could magically impose his desire to make others eat the way he sees fit, and conjure up noodles to neutralize his opponents.

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