Guardian Characters' Dollhouse

The Dollhouse is a little house where the Guardian Characters live in the second season of the anime, as well as in a sidestory of the manga.


It first appears in Episode 58 where Ami asks her parents to buy it for her, and then gives it to Amu's Guardian Characters. But in Episode 60, they realize Ami is playing tricks on them when they're sleeping,
Ami with makeup
and so decide to move it to the Royal Garden where the other Guardian Characters also live in at times. Kiseki chose the top floor as his place, as he considers suitable for a "king". Dia's egg was placed on the "front yard" while she was still in slumber. Yoru lived in the dollhouse's rooftop while Ikuto was missing. Also, this house has been visited by Nana, Il, El, Daichi, Kiran, and Cecil.
Prank by ami

In the anime, the dollhouse appears more often than in the manga version.


In the manga, the dollhouse has only appeared once in a side story. The same plot goes in this version, as Ami asks her parents to buy her the dollhouse and later give it to Amu's Guardian Characters. And finally, they decide to move the dollhouse to the Royal Garden to avoid Ami's tricks.

Members of the Dollhouse

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