Grace Hikari (グレース光, Gurēsu Hikari) is the main protagonist of Shugo Chara Fan Series, It’s Destiny! She is the Youngest Child of Selene and Futago Hikari, and the younger of the Identical Hikari twins 

Physical description


Grace has medium length, straight Dark Red hair. Which is normally seen in either Twintails, Space Buns, a Side Ponytail, or a style in which two small portions of her hair is held up with angel wing clips, while the rest is left down. She has matching Hair, and matching Violet Eyes with her Older twin, Kotomi. She is the shortest member of the guardians, being shorter than even Rikka.


Gracie is normally seen wearing 4 unique versions of the Seiyo Elementary School Uniform. Each includes the Red Plaid skirt, the white button down shirt, red tie, and a grey cardigan or sweater. In episode 1, near the end she gained the Destiny Locket, which is a golden chain locket with a heart charm attached. It is only seen opened once in the final episode of Season 2, In which it is unlocked by the Heart Key.


She's very shy around new people. And is most liekly the most sensitive person in the world. So sometimes she becomes really quiet. She doesn't handle stress extremely well and blames herself for anything that goes wrong. She underestimates her abilities and doesn't really like it when people compliment her on it, but says Thank you anyway. She never breaks the rules and if she does, she pretty much breaks down into a fit of "I'm so sorry" and "Please don't hate me". When she opens up, she drops her shy and quiet she'll and becomes a cheery and bubbly ball of sunshine. She's a total optimist when it's about anything but herself. She's also extremely innocent and is the definition of a smol nerdy cinnamon roll. She puts others in front of herself and will do anything to keep people happy, even if it psychically or mentally hurts her. Gracie is the most innocent, sweet, and bubbly person you'll ever meet. She's obsessed with childish things and has a cute style. She's always up to help somebody and is very humble. Whenever someone compliments her, she has a hard time accepting it. Gracie will always be there for you

Favorites and Least favorites

Grace’s favorite food is Cranachan, a Popular Scottish Desert, and her favourite subject is History. However, Grace hates Athletics, despite gaining an athletic guardian character. Her favourite colour is pale/pastel red and she likes going to the park and the animal shelter, where she volunteers part-time. Her favourite word is "teaghlach’’ which means "family" in scottish gaelic. She revealed that she loves it because of it’s meaning and how it’s pronounced. She doesn't like homophobia, or horror. She wants to have a small house in a field when she’s older, and she's not good at Hip Hop dancing, or reaching high shelves. She has her ear to the ground, meaning she can hear people whispering secrets that they don't want heard. This is because she is worried about hearing rumors of herself, or anyone for that matter.


Grace Hikari grew up in Texas, In the USA, along with her older brother, Ame, and her Identical twin sister, Kotomi. In their first years of school, Instead of attending Kindergarten, both twins skipped to first grade. She made numerous friends, the most notable being Leo Iglesia, The Mcclean triplets, Elle Luebecker, and Hannah Khoshbin. She and her family lived in the small town of Coppell until she and Kotomi turned 7. At that time, The family moved to Paris, France due to her Mother’s work. The entire family learned French, but both Girls made minimal efforts to make new friends in those two years. So by the time they moved to their Father’s Home of Japan, they had no new friends. 

Sadly, Kotomi stayed in Paris to study music abroad for 6 months. So 4 months after the move, Gracie started Seiyo Academy by herself.

The night before her first day at Seiyo, a shooting star appeared in the sky as Gracie watched,and she made a wish that she claimed would ‘keep her from holding others back’. The next morning, she finds five odd looking eggs on her bed. The eggs hatch one after another and give birth to her first Guardian Characters, Umiko, Nera, Pom, Dansu, and Tsuki. And later, five more Guardian Characters, Utai, Yume, Baran, Kagami, and Embry.

When Tadase Hotori, the King's Chair of the Guardians of Seiyo Academy, discovers her eggs, he invites her into their team and gives her the title "Shuffle." She doesn't want to join the team at first, due to her belief that she would drag them down. But she eventually gives in after realizing how serious the situation is. After being accepted into the guardians, a strange golden Locket appears in her bag. Tadase encourages her to keep the locket, saying it is only given the one who makes the ‘Purest Wish’. Se sees this as a joke, but accepts it, and so receives the ability to Character Transform with the Destiny Locket rather than having to learn to Character Transform. Earlier in the episode, when she Character transforms with a newly hatched Umiko, she uses the power of the Humpty Lock.

At the end of the first season of the series, It is hinted that Gracie has a special connection to the Embryo. But that is kept unclarified as Amu rips the Embryo away from Gracie and attacks her. 

In the Second season, Gracie becomes slightly more confident and sees her immense amount of Guardian Characters more as a blessing than a curse. But she is also seen to be more serious during intense or important battles, despite being the youngest of the Guardians.

In Shugo Chara! Party, Gracie's mental illnesses (Social Anxiety, Anxiety, Depression, Generalized Panic Disorder) begin to take a toll on her. This becomes evident after Kotomi notices that she's 'lost her light,' Her troubles result in her eggs all becoming X-Eggs, including Embry. The battle against a corrupted Gracie and the guardians lasts the final third of the season. After her final duel against Kotomi, she is rescued from the darkness in her heart and returns to normal.

Guardian Characters

Unlike normal children, who usually have only one guardian character (or, in some cases, two), Grace and her Sister are gifted with nine, and eventually, a tenth one is born. Gracie knows that this is EXTREMELY abnormal, and she's studied the history of Children with an immense amount of Charas. But after learning about what happened to the past bearers of the True Humpty Lock and he Destiny Locket, she decided to make it different, and accepted her charas without abusing their power.


Umiko by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xeb (1)

Umiko is the first guardian character to hatch, and the first to character transform with. She is very courageous and is almost never seen without her cowgirl hat. She has the appearance of a modern-setting cowgirl. Her powers include increasing Grace’s confidence, gunman-ship, and lasso ability, She is born from Grace's wish to become someone other than herself. She calls Grace, Grace-Hime. And Is called Umi-Chan by Grace.

Umiko represents Grace’s desire to be more levelheaded, sharp, and brave


Nera by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xel

Nera is the second guardian character to hatch. Nera is extremely optimistic and energetic. She is very flexible and has amazing balance. Her powers include increasing Grace’s Acrobatic and tumbling ability. She is born from Grace's wish to become someone other than herself. She takes the appearance of an acrobat. She is called Nera-san by Grace and calls Grace, Gracie-Tan.

Nera represents Grace’s Desire to be less clumsy, and more balanced and agile.


Pom by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xet

Pom is the third guardian character to hatch. She is extremely energetic and is almost never seen without her little puffballs. And along with her puffballs, she has a sort of tail made by trailing 'clouds' She is born from Grace's wish to become someone other than herself. She is called Pom-Pom by Grace. And Pom calls Grace, Gray-Chan.

Pok represents Grace’s desire to have more stamina, Be more honest, and more determined.


Dansu by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xey

Dansu is Grace's fourth Guardian Character. Dansu is very calm, reserved, but is also a total perfectionist. She has also been seen getting overly excited when Grace is heading to dance class or practicing dance. She has amazing balletic ability and will dance whenever she has the chance to. Her powers include summoning/playing classical ballet music, and also entrancing people by taking over Grace’s body and performing a pas de deux with a holographic male ballerina. She is born from Grace's true love of something. She takes the appearance of a Prima Ballerina, and her design is based off of Princess Tutu’s due to Grace admitting she admires her balletic ability and persistence. She is shown to have a slight Crush on Dia. She is called Su-su by Grace and calls Grace, Gracie-Pri, as an abbreviated version of the word Prima. She is one of the only two of Grace’s charas to represent a love, and not a desire.

Dansu Represents Grace’s pure love of dancing, and her desire to dance through life as if she had no troubles.


Tsuki by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xf5

Tsuki is Grace's fifth Guardian Character. Tsuki is very protective of Grace, but is also determined and hardworking. At times, she is also surprisingly ditzy and airheaded. Her powers include enhancing Grace’s fighting ability. She also raises Grace’s awareness. She is born from Grace’s wish to become someone else. She takes the appearance of a Sailor Scout, and her design is based off of Sailor Moon, because Grace admires how she can stay happy and optimistic, while also being able to stand up for herself and others. She is called Tsuki-Senpai by Grace, because Gracie sees Tsuki as a superior, and Tsuki calls Grace, Chibi-Chibi, In reference to the character from the final season of Sailor Moon.

Tsuki is born from Grace’s desire to be able to stand up for herself and fight off whoever wants to harm those she loves.


Utai by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xf8

Utai is Grace's sixth Guardian Character. Utai is overconfident and loves to be the center of attention. Despite her constant strive for the spotlight, she’s also gentle and sweet. She has the random habit of stealing Grace’s phone and blasting broadway tunes and the latest pop hits. Her powers include increasing Grace’s confidence, singing ability, and and improvising ability. She is born from Grace’s wish to become someone else. She takes the appearance of an Idol, this is determined due to her unique, cute dress, and her microphone. She is called Utai-Doru, which is an abbreviation of ‘Aidoru’, the japanese pronunciation of the word ‘idol’.  And She calls Gracie, Gracie-Rai, Which is an abbreviation of the word ‘Minarai’ which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘apprentice’. Due to her seeing Grace as an Idol in Training.

Utai Represents Grace’s desire to sing as well as her older sister, Kotomi. And


Yume by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xfi

Yume is the seventh guardian character to hatch. Yume is incredibly happy, childish, and is almost never seen without a smile on her face. Despite not having the look, she is extremely good at magic tricks, and loves making people with them. Her main power is giving Gracie a childish ability to turn anything bad into something sweet. She is born from Grace's wish to become someone other than herself. Yume has a slight crush on Pepe. She has a unique appearance, being colorful and abstract. But it is implied she is supposed to represent a shooting star. She is called Yu-Chan by Grace and calls Grace, Shi-Tan, which is an abbreviation of the japanese word ‘Hoshi’, which means star. She is the only chara of Grace’s to have a mean nickname, With Amu calling her ‘A High Hippie’

Yume represents Grace’s Desire to chase away her nightmares and terrors with good dreams and happy thoughts.


Baran by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xfx (1)

Baran is the eighth guardian character to hatch. Baran is hailed as the ‘peacekeeper’ of the Guardians and the charas. Baran is very smart, and has a talent for solving puzzles and problems. Her powers include increasing Grace’s Debate ability and giving her the limited power of stopping a disagreement or conflict with the snap of a finger. She is born from Grace's wish to become someone other than herself. She is implied to represent both the Sun and the Moon, adding to her theme of balance. She is called Bara-Tan by Gracie and Calls Gracie Tai-Chan. Baran is also the only Chara of Grace’s to refer to her by her middle name, Because Taiyo, her full middle name, is the japanese word for ‘Sun’, and The sun is half of her theme.

Baran represents Grace’s Desire to keep balance between her sadness and mental conditions, and her happiness and optimism.


Kagami by thedancerofapurehear-dam3xg4

Kagami is the ninth guardian character to hatch. Kagami is extremely dependant on Minami, Kotomi’s chara. She is one of Grace’s most Unique chara’s. This is because she is not able to properly function without Minami. She can only character change when Mianmi does, She can only activate her powers with Minami, and She can only Transform with Grace when Kotomi Transforms with Kotomi. Her powers include increasing Grace’s agility and speed. She is born from Grace’s pure love of someone, and Is the second and final chara to represent this. She takes the appearance of a Neko, or as some say, a Cheshire Cat. She and Minami have a wonderland esque look, because the twins’ favorite childhood story was always ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ She is called Ane-Mi by Gracie, Which is a combination of Ane-Chan, which is what Grace calls her twin, and Minami’s name. And Minami calls Grace, Gray-Ane.


Embry by thedancerofapurehear-dam3yrj (1)

Embry is Grace’s tenth and Final Chara. Her egg was revealed to be the Embryo at the end of Season one. She was the mysterious Chara that had appeared in Grace’s dreams. She came out of her egg for the finale of Season 2, After it is proven that the Embryo is just a normal Heart Egg. At first, It’s believed that Hikaru is the Embryo’s holder, but he says that he merely wished to have it because It was shiny, not because It’s his. Then Grace Steps forward to tell them that she is the true bearer. Embry is the total embodiment of Gracie. They’re Ditzy, Encouraging, and Innocent, but sometimes to clueless for their own good. She takes the appearance of an Angel, This is because the “Pure Wish”Is about an Angel. For the final story arc of It’s Destiny, Embry stays out of her egg. It’s clear that she is Grace’s strongest Chara, Therefore she is only used in dire situations. During the final battle against Easter, She hatches for real. This is because Gracie is desperate to Save Ikuto, and everyone she cares for. She cries out for Embry, because she knows she can’t do it by herself. Amu claimed this made her look weak. But the Guardians saw this as a cry to stand up and help the one she truly loves, along with saving the whole town.

Embry is very close to Temari, and even has a small crush on her.

Embry is called Em-Chi by Grace, and She calls Gray-Ji, Ji is a part of the word ‘onaji’ which is the japanese word for ‘same’.

Embry represents Grace’s Wish for the Embryo, and her desire to be herself while still being able to protect others who need it.

‘I wish that an angel would watch over the earth. It would keep everyone happy, and assist them in times of need. And I wish to be able to assist the angel, by protecting those in need, without having to change myself.’



Destiny Locket

According to the Founding King's legend, a person who has wished the ‘Pure Wish’ will receive this locket, and will eventually be able to complete their wish with the help of a legendary amount of Charas. But due to Kotomi having ten charas as well, it was believed that neither would receive the locket in the beginning. But in the end, It was revealed that the Founding King’s legend was incorrect and Gracie is the bearer of the Destiny Locket, and Kotomi is the True bearer of the Humpty Lock. It was this item that granted Grace  the ability to Character Transform, as well as granting Kotomi this ability, as Amu’s Amulet granted the Other Guardians’ this power. The Destiny Locket has strong reactions to Gracie emotions and Outbursts.

She can use it to activate her well-known technique: Pure Heart, in order to cleanse X-Eggs and X-Characters and free their owners from their own despair and negativity.

Destiny Locket is Grace’s main weapon and a counterpart to Heart Key, which can create very powerful phenomenon when both are brought together. The Destiny Locket is known for altering Destinies, as it’s power was so strong when Grace confessed to Ikuto, It transformed the Dumpty Key into the Legendary Heart Lock, and the true Dumpty Key was given to Tadase.

It is recorded in a journal owned by Yu Nikaidou, that the Heart Lock (Owned by Kotomi Hikari) and Destiny Locket (Owned by Gracie Hikari) have existed since the Medieval times. But with their long history, they also carry bad luck. The first pair to own these two accessories were servants in Rural France. They prayed for a better life, and they were granted their wish, along with power and suitors. Sadly, their wish lead to their downfall. One day a servant was ordered to find the pair. She spent a short period of time looking, and found the two. But they weren't the same. In fact, they weren't even physically in the room. The Lockets had punished their bearers for their greed and ungratefulness by trapping them in the objects. They were never seen again.

This became a cycle. Two new owners would come across the locks, become greedy and selfish, and become trapped. The cycle continued until modern day, When the Identical Hikari twins came upon the legendary accessories.