Eriko Hinamori

Eriko Hinamori

Eriko Hinamori is the wife of Shuu Hinamori, Amu's older cousin-in-law. She is a one-use, anime-only character that appears in episode 35. She is the heiress to the Outomo financial empire and a very high-class lady. Voice By Aya Endo.


Eriko met Shuu when he accidentally knocked on her apartment door, when she was studying in Paris. He was holding a basket of freshly-baked Melon pan/Melon bread that he was supposed to give to his cooking teacher. Upon recognizing the Melon pan/bread, Shuu asked Eriko if she would like to try some. She ate one and said that it reminded her of falling in love. At the end of episode 35, Shuu and Eriko get married.

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