Series: Shugo Chara! Dokki Doki!
Episode Number: 20
English Title: Heartbeat! Egg got X an mark on it?
Romanji Title: Doki! Tamago ni X (batsu) ga Tsuichatta?
Kanji Title: どきっ! たまごに×(バツ)が付いちゃった?
Airdate: February 20, 2010
Directed by:
Written by:
Preceeded by: Episode 121: Utau's Wavering Heart
Followed by: Episode 123: Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Hotaru


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Rikka is worried that her Guardian Egg will never hatch until she figures out who she wants to be, so she decides to become the coolest person in the school, Amu! But the Guardians and her friends just think she's acting weird and are worried about her. Rikka gets depressed that she can never be cool like Amu, and suddenly her Guardian Egg turns into an X Egg! How can she ever show her face to Amu again?!


  • First appearance of the Guardian Character Hotaru.