Series: Shugo Chara! Dokki Doki!
Episode Number: 10
English Title: Eh! Tadase-kun has a Person he Likes!?
Romanji Title: Eh! Tadase-kun ni Suki na Hito!?
Kanji Title: えっ! 唯世(ただせ)くんに好きな人!?
Airdate: December 5, 2009
Directed by: Yūki Yase
Written by: Miya Asakawa
Preceeded by: Episode 111: Why!? Rima-senpai!
Followed by: Episode 113: Sparkle treasure!


In order of appearance:


Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia over hear Tadase talking to Kukai. He says that there is a girl he that is always on his mind and he can't sleep at night when he thinks over her. He also says that she is really cute. Kukai decides to help Tadase with the girl. Amu is shocked and devastated. Her stubborn character comes out again and at the Royale Garden Kukai stops buy and meets Rikka. Rikka addresses him as the former jack who stops buy because he has nothing to do. Kukai defends himself by saying that he gives the Guardian's advice and brings up Tadase's "cute little problem". Amu goes home and consoles herself with food. Amu's Shugo Chara go to Tadase's to investigate and see him, Kukai, and a pretty girl conversing. Kiseki sees them and apologizes that he and Tadase already have--Amu's Shugo Chara yell at him angrily then go home. Amu is in bed and her phone rings. She runs over to pick it up thinking it is Tadase, but it is Ikuto. Ikuto guesses that Amu was dumped by Tadase and hits the mark. Ikuto teases Amu about how he would console her if he were there. Amu's Shugo Chara tell her about the girl and Amu decided to confront Tadase. An X Egg appears and is upset because it was dumped and never wants to love again. Amu can't talk to it because she feels the same way and agrees with it. Tadase intervenes and says that Even if you are dumped that you should not give up on love becuase like them you can fall in love with someone else too. Amu purifies the X Egg and Tadase explains that it was a cute female dog and that he had asked Kukai to find a foster home for her. The girl who was there had been the one to take the dog in.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Tadase Hotori

Used Attacks

Amulet Heart
Platinum Royale


By the end of this episode; the audition in Japan for Amulet Diamond (for the short programs) has been finally announced that a young girl, Nanami Tanabe (chosen out of the 300 contenders) will be joining along with the other three transformations starting the next episode and onward.

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