Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 46
English Title: Tadase and Ikuto! The Horoscope of Fate!
Romanji Title: Tadase to Ikuto, Unmei no Horosukōpu!
Kanji Title: 唯世とイクト, 運命のホロスコープ!
Airdate: August 22, 2009
Directed by: Kazunobu Shimizu
Written by: Hanada Yuki
Preceeded by: Episode 096: Unheard Pleas, Shattered Feelings.
Followed by: Episode 098: Revival! The Shining Dancing Princess!


In order of appearance:


In the past, Yui entrusts a young Tadase with the Dumpty Key. One day, the Tsukiyomi siblings come to Tadase's place. Mizue talks with Tsukasa about being uneasy with them here. Tadase, Utau, and Ikuto would play together: sometimes Ikuto would play the violin for them when asked. After the kids' playing breaks a vase, Tadase mother and grandmother talk about Ikuto and Aruto Tsukiyomi. Early the next morning, Tadase and Betty see Ikuto go off without a word. When Tadase was around his current age after arriving from school, he sees Betty dead, with Ikuto by her side. He asks why, but Tadase sees the Dumpty Key in Ikuto's hands. Tadase's Grandmother later falls in critical condition, and since then, Tadase believed his mother's words about Ikuto. In the present, Tadase's unsure of the past now, but things are too vague to really know. They go into a secret room behind the principal's office to see Tsukasa and find him with prepared tea. Tsukasa reveals he took Ikuto away during a bad predicament. He has arranged for someone outside the school to assist them. In Easter, Kazuomi goes to tell Gozen he will have the Embryo soon, but he's not in his office. Kazuomi says that he will get it for Hikaru.

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