Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 44
English Title: Rima, Yaya, and the Pearls that Bind Them!
Romanji Title: Rima to Yaya, Shinju no Kizuna!
Kanji Title: りまとやや、真珠の絆!
Airdate: August 8, 2009
Directed by: Yūki Yase
Written by: Hiroshi Ōnogi
Preceeded by: Episode 094: Onward! The Calico Cat Search Party!?
Followed by: Episode 096: Unheard Pleas, Shattered Feelings.


In order of appearance:


It's cleaning day for the entire school. Rima and Yaya are cleaning around a fountain when Yaya gets sick of it and throws her broom. She spins a statue of a frog on the fountain around and around. Suddenly, a secret passageway opens. Yaya drags Rima, Pepe, and Kusukusu into it. They come to a door and Yaya manages to get it open. They go inside to see what lies within, but instead, the door closes behind them and they are trapped. Rima begins to have flashbacks of when she was nearly kidnapped, but Yaya reassures her. Meanwhile, the others are wondering where they went off to. Kusukusu and Pepe soon find a small opening in the room they are in and crawl through it. Yaya tells Rima she is just a big baby at heart and scoots closer to her. Rima leans Yaya's head on her shoulder and tells her a story. Afterwards, they both fall asleep. They finally find the other Guardians and tell them where Rima and Yaya are. The other Guardians have found the secret passageway and soon find Rima and Yaya after opening the door. They wake them up and take them back to the Royal Garden. Tsukasa stops by and tells them that he built the room and that it was fun. However, they disagree, so he gives them cake as an apology.

Character Transformation

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

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