Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 43
English Title: Onward! The Calico Cat Search Party!?
Romanji Title: Susume! Mikeneko Sōsakutai!?
Kanji Title: 進め! みけねこ捜索隊!?
Airdate: August 1, 2009
Directed by: Takashi Hiroshi
Written by: Toshizō Nemoto
Preceeded by: Episode 093: Utau Hoshina, Fly to the Future!
Followed by: Episode 095: Rima, Yaya, and the Pearls that Bind Them!


In order of appearance:


Yaya brings in a stray kitten that she had found. The Guardians order their Guardian Characters to take care of the kitten, but the Guardian Characters have lost the kitten after awhile. Yaya and Amu find the kitten and the Guardians propose a search party for the kitten's owner. Students from each class prepare posters, food, a cage and fliers to help find the owner. During the distribution of the fliers, Ikuto appears as Death Rebel and plays his violin, causing all the kids' eggs to turn into X Eggs. Amu, Tadase, and Nagihiko Character Transform into Amulet Heart, Platinum Royale, and Beat Jumper. As many X Eggs gather, Kazuomi shuts down the tuning fork, dissolving Ikuto's transformation. Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart and turn all the X Eggs back to normal. Kazuomi realizes that the Embryo is not attracted to X Eggs, but the purification of X Eggs. Ikuto was forced to return to Easter. Amu, Tadase, and Nagihiko return to the normal, and everyone continues searching for the kitten's owner. The kitten's owner was then found and Yaya named the kitten Tama-chan. A poster about an upcoming violin concert features a boy bearing very strong similarities to Ikuto.

Character Transformation

Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Amu Hinamori
Nagihiko Fujisaki
Tadase Hotori

Used Attacks

Beat Jumper
Platinum Royale
Amulet Heart

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