Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 42
English Title: Utau Hoshina, Fly to the Future!
Romanji Title: Hoshina Utau, Mirai e no Hishō!
Kanji Title: ほしな歌唄、未来への飛翔!
Airdate: July 25, 2009
Directed by: Murotani Yasushi
Written by: Nobuaki Yamaguchi
Preceeded by: Episode 092: It's Got to Be Cool! Beat Jumper!
Followed by: Episode 094: Onward! The Calico Cat Search Party!?


In order of appearance:


Amu and the others are invited to Utau's concert to introduce her new song, "Taiyou ga Niau Yo". Everyone goes and supports her while she sets everything up along with Yukari. During a conversation, Utau mentions Amu hasn't told her anything about Ikuto lately. Amu worries and suggests to the other Guardians not mention him in order to make Utau's concert a success. As the Guardians and Guardian Characters have a discussion about the situation with Utau and Ikuto, Yaya grows jealous, and Rima and El have suspicions due to seeing Utau and Kukai together. As everyone prepares for the concert, the Easter employees come out with the "Come Here Embryo Mark III" which can be heard from a longer distance. Just before the concert, the X Eggs of Utau's fans appear. Everyone transforms, but they seem to be having trouble handling them on their own. El goes and seeks Utau's help as Nikaidou and Yukari stall the concert. Utau saves everyone with Angel Cradle and purifies her fans' eggs. The concert goes on as a big success thanks to the help of the Guardians providing the special effects from their power attacks. Amu hopes that Ikuto will be able to hear Utau's song someday.

Character Transformation

Kukai Souma
Yaya Yuiki
Amu Hinamori
Tadase Hotori
Nagihiko Fujisaki
Rima Mashiro
Utau Hoshina

Used Attacks

Beat Jumper
Platinum Royale
Clown Drop
Dear Baby
Seraphic Charm

Used Techniques

Platinum Royale
Clown Drop
Dear Baby