Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 31
English Title: Fierce Fighting! I Become an Ace!
Romanji Title: Nettō! Watashi ga Ēsu ni Naru!
Kanji Title: 熱闘! 私がエースになる!
Airdate: May 9, 2009
Directed by: Shin Tosaka
Written by: Mizuuchi Seri
Preceeded by: Episode 081: Infiltration! Easter Company!?
Followed by: Episode 083: Music Exposition of Passing Each Other?


In order of appearance:


This episode starts out with Lulu and Nana walking down the street when they see a baseball playing girl practicing her pitches. They comment how late she is practicing as well. The next day, Amu is dozing off on the grass when a baseball comes straight for her! The same girl from yesterday, Natsuko Nishino, catches it before it can hit her. Amu decides to try baseball, seeing as how girls can play it too and is inspired by Natsuko. However, Amu ends up failing at baseball, having not done a Shugo Chara change with Ran. Amu is thrown a hard pitch by a boy. Nishino is at issue with the male player/pitcher, Fujita, who is mocking her talent and dream of being a pitcher. Amu meets with Rima and Yaya and introduces them to Natsuko, and tell them about her problem. Yaya recommends she and Nishino go see Kukai for training. Kukai drags Amu along with him and Natsuko to train, and practice pitching. He tells Natsuko that she is too squirmy and needs to calm down. She ends up being able to throw a nice pitch. Natsuko agrees to try her best at the Pitching Test. When the day of the Pitcher test comes, Nishino is not chosen as the pitcher. Instead, Fujita is chosen yet again. She leaves upset, and Lulu turns her egg into a Mystery Egg. When Amu finds her, she character transforms to Pitching Dream. Kukai and Amu become Sky Jack and Amulet Heart. Natsuko's powers are flying killer baseballs. Amu and Kukai team up, but are unable to beat her until Kukai tells Amu some tips on how to swing her bat. Then Amu tells Natsuko Nishino to try her best at the game and that next time maybe she'll be the pitcher. The next day, as Fujita pitches and the batter hits it, but Natsuko ends up catching it before the player reaches first base. All in all, the game went without a problem.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Kukai Souma

Wishing Egg Character Transformation

Natsuko Nishino

Used Attacks

Amulet Heart

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