Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 21
English Title: How Seismic! Grandma Appears!!
Romanji Title: Gekishin! Obaasama Tōjō!!
Kanji Title: 激震! おばあさま登場!!
Airdate: February 28, 2009
Directed by: Masaru Yasukawa
Written by: Nobuaki Yamaguchi
Preceeded by: Episode 071: Tough Road of Integrity! Kairi Returns!
Followed by: Episode 073: On the Secret List! The Recipe of Reconciliation?


In order of appearance:


Lulu's Grandma appears and Lulu's Mom and Dad must show her that they are high class enough to stay in Japan. Meanwhile, when Lulu's Grandma meets Amu, she tells her to dress nicely by tucking in her shirt. Amu leads Lulu's Grandma to Lulu's house and Amu joins them for lunch, then later leaves. Lulu's Grandma asks Lulu what her dream is. Lulu replies she does not know yet, but her grandma says she recalls Lulu saying that she always wanted to become an artist when she grows up. Lulu laughs and says that was when she was a kid, and now it is embarassing. Meanwhile, Ikuto is in the garden in the amusement park, sitting down on the grass. Easter has made a device that causes Ikuto's violin to hurt him using X-Egg energy, and they set it on high for a test. Ikuto feels some pain but it goes away later because the device had lost connection. Ikuto stays there with Yoru, and Yoru tries to help him. Lulu goes to find a lost soul and finds a girl who can't choose which type of food she likes. Her Heart's Egg is turned into a Mystery Egg and she Character Transforms to Temple Festival Dream and makes everyone eat "taiyakisoba," a term Amu's Guardian Characters coin. Amu first says that the girl's dream is pretty stupid and weird but later when Amu tranforms with Ran as Amulet Heart she apologize. Amu transforms with Ran and says just follow your own dream and performs Open Heart. Amu's words went to Lulu's heart and she is speechless. Lulu's Grandma is leaving to Paris, and Lulu and Amu say goodbye to her. Lulu's Grandma asks Lulu what her dream is again. Lulu says her dream is to make her Mom high class. Lulu's Grandma chuckles and asks Lulu what her dream is. Lulu is speechless again and her Grandma leaves. It ends with Lulu lying on her bed, thinking about what her dream is. Lulu's Grandma thinks that Amu can change Lulu to being a little more outgoing and fun so Lulu's Grandma accepts Amu as Lulu's friend.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori

Wishing Egg Character Transformation

Young Girl


Amulet Heart

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