Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 18
English Title: First Love? Love Attack!
Romanji Title: Hatsukoi? Rabu Atakku!
Kanji Title: 初恋? ラブアタック!
Airdate: February 7, 2009
Directed by: Mamoru Enomoto
Written by: Toshizō Nemoto
Preceeded by: Episode 068: Goodbye, Saaya Yamabuki...
Followed by: Episode 070: I Hate Chocolate!?


In order of appearance:


Today is Rima's birthday. As she is walking to school, a boy with a crush on her catches her eye. The rest of the Guardians are throwing a surprise party for her. While in the school, Rima takes out a love letter she received two weeks earlier from the same boy, Fuyuki Kirishima. Amu agrees to help Fuyuki get a chance to talk to Rima. With some unexpected help from El (who went to do errands, but did not come back to Utau), they formulate a plan. Nana senses the confessor's nervousness and Lulu turns his Heart's Egg into a Mystery Egg. The plan goes awry, and he Character Transforms to First Love Dream. Amu and Su transform to Amulet Clover; the rest following suit. Due to flustering, his attacks are uncontrollable. A stray heart aims for Rima, but Nagihiko jumps and takes it, almost confessing he is Nadeshiko to the rest of them. Tadase gets hit and he nearly confesses, but is stopped by Kiseki who pulled his cheeks. Amu uses Remake Honey to clear everyone's delusion, tells Fuyuki to keep trying, and uses Open Heart to purify him. He confesses, Rima rejects the confession kindly, saying she cannot imagine herself going out with someone yet, and Rima invited Fuyuki to go to her party, Fuyuki gives Rima a model of Bala-Balance, and the party goes by without a hitch.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Rima Mashiro
Tadase Hotori
Yaya Yuiki

Wishing Egg Character Transformation

Fuyuki Kirishima

Used Attacks

Amulet Clover

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