Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 14
English Title: Snow Days are Full of Secrets?
Romanji Title: Yuki no Hi wa Naisho ga Ippai?
Kanji Title: 雪の日はナイショがいっぱい?
Airdate: January 10, 2009
Directed by: Hazuki Mizumoto
Written by: Kinuko Kuwahata
Preceeded by: Episode 064: The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?
Followed by: Episode 066: Uproar! A Cat-Eared Girl!?


In order of appearance:


Yoru tells Amu the reason why Ikuto is sleeping in her room. During breakfast, Amu's parents asked her to take her little sister out. Reluctantly, Amu complies. She goes to play with Ami, but Tadase and the others meet up with her. Irritated, she thinks of ways to get home to make sure Ikuto is okay. All her methods end up failing, and she ends up playing for a long time. Meanwhile, her mother goes to clean her room, and Yoru has to hide Ikuto somewhere. When Amu goes back to her room, she doesn't see Ikuto or Yoru. Relieved, she goes to the closet, only to have Ikuto fall out of it, onto her. After Ikuto wakes up, Amu shows gladness that Ikuto was showing signs of being stronger than earlier, when he was weak. She gives him some food that she bought on her way back. Ikuto gets Amu to admit that she watched him sleep, which bothered Amu immensely. Amu's mother then calls her down to dinner, with Ikuto left deciding whether to stay at Amu's place or camp elsewhere.

Character Transformations

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

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