Detective yaya


Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 48
English Title: Asking a Favor of Yaya!
Romanji Title: Yaya ni Onegai!
Kanji Title: ややにお願い!
Airdate: September 06, 2008
Directed by: Mamoru Enomoto
Written by: Kazuhiko Inukai
Preceeded by: Episode 047: I'm Utau's Manager!?
Followed by: Episode 049: The Secret of the Violin! Notes Dancing in the Wind!


In order of appearance:

  1. Amu Hinamori
  2. Ran
  3. Miki
  4. Suu
  5. Mamoru Hirasawa
  6. Kanata Nanako


The Guardians are in a meeting, discussing the Embryo. It then shows Easter looking through pictures of Heart's Eggs, eventually finding a picture of the Embryo. Yaya comes across some younger students, and a girl in that group asks if Yaya could find his bird. After begging from both the group and the rest of The Guardians, Yaya decides to help. After a day of searching, she is unable to find it, but sees a television program and decides to dress up as a detective. On the second day, she finds a bird and catches it.Unfortunately, this was not the bird she was looking for. However, later that day when she goes back to the classroom, she sees the bird in the cage, and Kuga tells the Guardians that the kids found it on their own.

Character Transformations

The Guardians


Used Attacks

God of Uranus

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