Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 47
English Title: I'm Utau's Manager!?
Romanji Title: Atashi ga Utau no Manējā!?
Kanji Title: あたしが歌唄のマネージャー!?
Airdate: August 30, 2008
Directed by: Susumu Tosaka
Written by: Kazuhiko Inukai
Preceeded by: Episode 046: Rima's Advent!? The Goddess of Comedy!
Followed by: Episode 048: Asking a Favor of Yaya!


In order of appearance:

  1. Amu Hinamori
  2. Ran
  3. Miki
  4. Suu
  5. Edit this entry...


While Amu is working on her homework, she gets a call from Yukari. Because she is sick with a cold, Amu is chosen by Nikaidou to be Utau's manager for the day. Utau was more recognized in Easter, but ever since quitting, she has lost her popularity. Sanjo Productions is not yet recognized. The two look for a studio to help debut Utau's latest single, but don't have much luck. They stop at a fountain after searching and talk about Ikuto. Utau is confident that she is the one for him. An X-Egg appears and Amu goes off to purify it. Just then, two more come out and hatch, which angers Utau because of the owners' weaknesses. But after El convinces her to help those who need her song, Utau transforms with El and purifies them. Utau then sings her new song ("Heartful Song") for a group of people by the fountain and her stardom begins to re-rise from there, little by little.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Utau Hoshina

Used Attacks

Seraphic Charm
Amulet Spade

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