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Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 46
English Title: Rima's Advent!? The Goddess of Comedy!
Romanji Title: Rima Kōrin!? Owarai no Kamisama!
Kanji Title: りま降臨!? お笑いの神様!
Airdate: August 23, 2008
Directed by: Takenori Mihara
Written by: Tomoko Koyama
Preceeded by: Episode 045: Go for it! Seiichiro!
Followed by: Episode 047: I'm Utau's Manager!?


In order of appearance:

  1. Amu Hinamori
  2. Ran
  3. Miki
  4. Suu
  5. Rima Mashiro
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Amu is at home talking into a fan that was on, saying she was an alien. Miki and Ran join in, but the three get tired of it, Miki saying she wished they could escape reality while Ran says the heat wouldn't let up. Amu asks why the AC had to break on a hot day like the one they were experiencing. She turns to look at the tv remote and suggests they should watch something cool on tv, so Miki agrees and goes over to the remote and flips the channel. It ends up on Mustachio Jirou's legendary gag, which is just Jirou's hair and mustache coming off and him noticing it before trying to cover up the spaces left. The audience laughs, but Amu says that the gag was old while Miki gives it a blank expression, but says she felt a bit cooler. Ran begins to burst out laughing at the gag and says that Mustachio Jirou was really funny, much to Miki and Amu's shock and disbelief.

Su comes over and thanks the three for waiting and says that to fight off the summer heat, they needed some of Su's Stamania Juice, appearing with one large glass and two doll size glasses. They look at it happily and sip on it before the expressions on their faces change and the three spit it out. Amu, Ran, and Miki go over to Su and Ran tells her it was nasty, so Miki asks what it was. She smiles and shows them the ingredients in the juice, those being: minced garlic, pickled plum, minced ginger, garam masala, ginseng, and other various. Amu turns from the ingredients and clutches her stomach while her Guardian Characters freak out. She faints and her soul comes out of her mouth saying it could see a peaceful world on the horizon. Ran, Miki, and Su fly around her soul frantically and tell her to stay with them; Su saying it was supposed to be delicious.

Amu's phone goes off, so she gets up and says it was from Rima. Rima's text tells Amu that she was going to the doughnut shop at four. Amu is confused at it, while Miki and Ran clutch their stomachs and say it was their turn to upchuck their souls. Amu goes to the doughnut shop and Rima places two tickets on the table standing in between them. Amu asks about them and Rima says she won them. Kusukusu says that Rima had sent in about a million postcards. Rima narrows her eyes, blushing slightly and grabs Kusukusu while Amu looks a bit surprised she would send in that many. In a flashback, Rima is shown wearing a "Win the prize! Guffaw Grand Stage!" headband and has a determined gleam in her eyes. She is then shown sitting down and writing a bunch of postcards, but the flashback ends as Rima tries to tell them that wasn't what happened and that she just so happened to win.

Ran asks Kusukusu what the Guffaw Grand Stage was and Kusukusu replies, telling her it was a gathering of different kinds of comedy acts. She says Rima watched it every night on tv and busted a gut everytime. Rima tells Amu it was filmed in front of a live audience and says that amateurs could participate meaning it was open for all. She says that "Welcome, Amateurs!" was the name of the auditions the audience could watch, flipping some of her hair with her hand, scaring Amu a little since she yelled it. Kusukusu says it was going to be fun, Rima agreeing. Amu says she wasn't very interested, but Rima gets an angry gleam in her eyes and asks Amu if she was scoffing at comedy to which Amu shakes her head and says she wasn't. Amu says she loved it so Rima smiles and says it was the day after tomorrow.

Rima and Amu have left the doughnut shop and are walking, talking about how they hoped the weather would cool down soon. They suddenly hear someone saying "roar" and wonders who it was. They come to a sign in front of a playground that says "Live Performance. King of Beasts Miyako-chan: More Love than the Savanna." Miki calls it a comedy act that was so silly she wouldn't know where to start. The act is just Miyako and her two hand puppets; - a lion on her right hand and a zebra on her left hand - Miyako saving the zebra from the lion. Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, Rima, and Kusukusu are watching: Amu looking shocked out of her mind, Rima looking thoughtful, and the Guardian Characters watch it happily.

Miyako ends the act by saying "Top of the Food Chain Miyako-chan." Ran is once again laughing like crazy, Su and Kusukusu joining in while Miki looks bored. Amu asks what Miki thought and Miki begins by saying "to be honest," but doesn't finish as Rima says it sucked. Turning to her, Amu sees she was angry and Rima says there was no room for a witty comeback, but to get someone laughing, you had to lay it all out there. Rima and Amu go over to Miyako; Amu going just so she can calm Rima down.

Miyako asks who they were, but Rima only points a finger at her and says Miyako had a long way to go. Miyako agrees half heartedly and asks who they were again, so Amu introduces them. Miyako introduces herself as Kizaki Miyako and Rima asks if that was a comedy set she had, Miyako surprised she had recognized it. She says she was going to do the Guffaw Grand Stage's "Welcome, Amateurs" audition, flipping some of her hair as does Rima like she had before in the doughnut shop. Amu asks if she was and Miyako says yes as it was the first step to realizing her dream. Rima aks about her dream, so Miyako says she wanted to be a comedian, to stand on the stage and make people burst out laughing. She then thinks of her in front of an audience giving the joke "Take your feet-off the foot-on!" and having them laugh.

Amu smiles and comments on puns like that and Ran tries to contain her laughter again, and Miki and Su do look entertained. Miyako tells Amu that that was just an example while Rima looks bored. The King of Beasts says that when people were laughing they had their best smiles. She goes on and says that even if they had a bad day, a good gag could make them forget about it and she says she wanted to be a comedian to make people laugh. Amu says that her dream was pretty cool, so Miyako asks if she didn't think it was weird. Amu asks why would she and Miyako says that some people didn't think she was right in the head. A flashback shows Miyako doing her King of Beasts act, some people watching while some girls asked each other if Miyako was a bit off and having some others agree. Then it shows her mother telling her to stop her amateur act and get studying. Present day Miyako looks kind of sad, but Rima tells her none of that mattered. Amu agrees and says it was great that she had a dream for her future, so Rima says that choosing to be a comedian was not half bad. Miyako concurs and says that comedy was the best.

Rima says she would help her and asks if the Grand Guffaw Stage was the day after tomorrow, though she knew it was and Miyako says she was right; then she tells the two she had come all the way from Osaka just for it and was staying at her aunt's house and wasn't going back until she passed the audition. Rima tells her she would need special training, and tells her she had that certain spark, but it was unrefined. Ran and Su fly over to either side of Miyako: Ran says she was going to cheer her on and Su says she was sure Miyako could do it. Miyako looks left and right and asks if she had just heard something, so Amu reaches over and grabs Ran and Su and says that it had to be her imagination. Miyako disagrees and says that she definitely heard something and suggests it was the comedy fairies. Amu looks shocked, disbelieving there were fairies for comedy. Miyako tells her there were, scaring Amu and says that the legends say the comediy fairies were friends of someone, but lets her sentence trails, looking at Rima, wondering if she could possibly what she was thinking of. Rima smiles and tells Miyako to let her demonstrate.

Standing on a round, blue seat like object, Rima calls to Kusukusu and Character Changes, performing Bala-Balance. Amu and her Guardian Characters are shocked and so is Miyako. She comments on Rima's perfectly angled arms, the shape of her legs, and the expression on her face before grabbing Rima's hands and crying, saying the legend had come true and calls Rima the Goddess of Comedy. Miyako begs Rima to train her, but Rima warns Miyako that her training was hard, so Miyako said she would follow her. Amu says she would be standing elsewhere. Someone puts a sign that say Rima's Comedy Dojo on the giraffe shaped slide. Rima tells Miyako that first she was going to give one hundred straight man responses, those just being Miyako angling the lower part of her arm so it was sticking out with her palm facing the side and moving her arm back and forth, saying "what the heck?" Rima, standing behind her, says that comedy was all about timing and tells her to adjust her speed for that reason.

Amu is standing to the side of them wondering what Rima was having Miyako doing when Rima goes over to her and tells her to do them, too. Kusukusu, Ran, Miki, and Su are doing it and Amu is too, though she doesn't want to. Rima goes over to her and yells, saying Amu's voice was too soft, scaring Amu. The next task was tongue twisters and they say "bus gas explosion" over and over again before passing it on to the next person; Rima first, Miyako second, and Amu last. Rima and Miyako do it, but Amu can't, saying it wrong and Rima gets mad again, asking that if Amu couldn't say that, how she was supposed to help, so Amu apologizes. The third task is the comedic fundamental, as Rima calls it, pratfalls. Miyako does it, but says that joke or not, falling over still hurt. Rima tells her that because she could overcome the pain, laughter was the product. Miyako gets shocked again and bows before Rima, saying her souls had been cleansed. Rima places a hand on her shoulder and tells her to do it again. Amu asks where they were for they were standing in front of an ocean being colored by the sunset. Miki adds in that she thought they were just at the park.

Rima and Miyako ignore them and Rima tells Miyako that lastly, they had to race into the sunset and the two do so. Back at the park, Amu asks if there was a point to the last part (the racing into the sunset) and Miyako says that the training was pretty amazing, shocking Amu. Rima says that since Miyako was able to go through all of it, she was sure Miyako would pass the audition. Tears tream down Miyako's face and she blesses Rima, the Goddess. Rima turns and points to the sunset, telling Miyako to yell out to it, and she does, saying "You stupid sun!" Amu asks what was up with it, but they don't answer. Miyako smiles and says she was ready to make some people laugh.

That night, Miyako is at her aunt's house sitting in her room with the door open leading outside wondering if she should change one of her jokes. Her aunt comes by and asks if she was still writing jokes. She supports her and says she knew Miyako was working hard and told her to make sure she got some sleep. Miyako smiles and says she would and her aunt walks off. She wonders if she would pass the audition, but then changes her mind and says she would as she had the Goddess of Comedy on her side.

The next day, Miyako is in the "Welcome, Amateurs" participants dressing room and says it wasn't good that she was nervous. The door opens and someone calls to Miyako. She turns and sees Amu and Rima, Amu who notices Miyako looked nervous. Miyako laughs, but Rima tells her when she got nervous to do straight man responses, so Rima and Miyako do. Miyako says she wasn't nervous anymore and Amu laughs before the door comes open and a person calls out to everyone. It was two men - one skinny, the other bigger - who say that Mustachio Jirou had come to see them and tells them to do the mustache cheer. Amu whispers to Rima asking what it was, but Rima doesn't know either. Apparently, it's just clapping your hands and saying "mustache" over and over as that was what the two men were doing before Mustachio Jirou appears. He tells them he hoped they all did their best and his toupee and mustache come off, the two men by his side say there went the legendary gag, but no one laughs or claps. One of the men notices this and holds up a sign that says "laugh" so the people in the room do so, though not really heartfully.

The bigger of the men points to Miyako and tells her to clap, but she only bows and starts to suggest what she would do if she were performing that gag, but Jirou gets mad and asks who she was to criticize his gag. She tries again to say that to make it funny she would do something, but she gets interrupted again by Jirou who tells her that a young person like her wouldn't understand his greatness. He bids the people a goodbye and leaves with the two men following. A person tells Miyako Jirou was the judge for the day and says it wasn't good. She looks scared, but Amu tries to tell her it would be fine. Rima agrees and tells her to do it exactly as she had trained. Miyako, still looking scared, nods.

In the audience, Amu is smiling and looking at the stage while Rima and Kusukusu are looking at what seems to be the program of the show. Two men come on stage and thank the audience for coming the the live taping of Guffaw Grand Stage and say that the show was beginning. They welcome the amateurs and announce the judge who, just like the man in the amateurs dressing room had said, was Mustachio Jirou. Finally, the amateurs come on stage, some making the audience laugh, others not before the announcers say that the next act was a young lady in the fifth grade and call out Miyako, King of Beasts. Amu says that it was Miyako's turn, so Kusukusu, Ran, Mik, and Su cheer her on. Miyako comes out from behind the curtain with a smile on her face and hears the bigger of Jirou's men say it was rare to have elementary students while the other says it should be fun. Jirou, looking bored, says that he had high expectations for her, scaring Miyako. Amu gets mad and says that him saying things like that would make her more nervous.

Miyako starts her act, but no one laughs, though Jirou does pull a smile at her, not for her act, but for her misfortune. Rima says that since Miyako was nervous, her pace was off. Miyako goes on, but Mustachio Jirou tells her it was enough because he didn't want to see any more of it. He tells her this wasn't the place to make summer memories, but she tells him she really did want to be a comedian. He tells her that being a comedian was harder than she thought, but she tells him she knew it was and that she still wanted to be one. Jirou tells her that because she was a girl, there were other things she could be and lists an example: a ballerina. She tells him she wanted to be a comedian and he says she could be a baker, but she says it was her dream to make people laugh. He says she could get married, but she says being a comedian was all she wanted to be. He smiles again and says she was a strange little girl, causing her to look up at him in shock with tears in her eyes. She runs off and in the audience Rima and Amu stand up to follow her.

Some people say it was over for her when Jirou began to look down on her and some say they felt sorry for her, she, all the while, still running and crying. Rima and Amu split up to look for her, but can't find her until Kusukusu says she found her. They look where she says and find Miyako sitting against a wall with an X-Egg floating next to her and her puppets on the ground with her. Miyako begins to speak, saying she knew she was weird and her X-Egg hatches, becoming an X-Character. It shoots an attack at the girls with its fan, but they run to dodge it. Rima tells Amu they should Character Transform and Amu agrees, so they unlock their hearts and become Clown Drop and Amulet Heart, respectively.

The X-Character laughs and sends another hit, but Amu blocks it with her poms-poms and calls to Rima who uses Juggling Party. The X-Character dodges them and sends another attack, but they jump back this time to avoid being hit. The X-Characters attack hits some bamboo sticks, making them fall and they knock Rima down. Su and Miki go over to her and Su asks if she was okay, Rima saying she was. The X-Character says "weird" over and over until Amu tells her it wasn't weird, stopping the X-Character. She goes on and says that Miyako was shining so brightly and having lots of fun. She remembers Miyako saying it was the best when people were smiling and her saying her dream was to be a comedian and make people laugh. Amu says to believe in your own dream and that it didn't matter what other people say. She says Miyako's dream was hers alone and that the people who made fun of it were the weird ones.

The X-Character gets mad, but before it could do anything, ropes come forward and bind it; Rima having done it using Tightrope Dancer now that she was standing again. Rima tells Amu that it was her chance and Amu nods before locking onto Miyako's negative heart and using Open Heart. The X disappears from the X-Character and Miyako's Guardian Character appears, saying "King of Beasts Miyako-chan." Amu and Rima smile at each other before the Guardian Character says she was sure Miyako would make a great comedian. She says that it was Miyako's wish to make people laugh that gave birth to her. She thanks them for coming and goes back to her egg and into Miyako. Miyako's eyes open and she wonders what happened. Rima asks her if she was okay, and she says she was as the bad feelings she had been feeling before were gone.

Back on stage, Mustachio Jirou is performing his "legendary gag" and his two men hold up a sign that says "laugh" facing toward the audience. No one laughs and Jirou gets nervous. Standing on stage behind a curtain are Rima, Amu, and Miyako, Amu asking if it was bad what was happening to Jirou. Rima says that he didn't have any other jokes, but Miyako looks around. She smiles when she finds what she was looking for - rope - and swings on it across the stage, surprising everyone as they had not been expecting her to come back. She lands on the stage and throws the rope, saying it's be much faster to run and says "King of Beasts Miyako-chan!" She aks Jirou what he was doing lazing around for doing that in tha savanna would get him eaten. He says they weren't in the savanna, so she corrects him and says it was the savanna of the comedy stage. She makes a scary face and jumps into the air, saying it was eat or be eaten and scares Jirou.

She falls on the stage floor and stays that way for a bit before jumping back up and saying "Got your mustache!" which was exactly what she had on her face, under her nose. This causes the audience to burst out laughing and Jirou slumps down on his knees while the curtain closes. Even Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su were laughing and Rima and Kusukusu were moved, shocking Amu, Miki, and Su, though not Ran as she was still laughing hysterically. Rima says it was wonderful and tells Amu that Miyako had seen the postion of the mustache when she had been swinging on the rope and had worked out how she was going to get to it. Rima says it all went according to Miyako's plan, but Amu hadn't known that and neither had Su and Miki, and once again, Ran is still laughing.

Behind the curtain, Jirou is not believing his gag hadn't worked and that Miyako had saved him. A hand is placed on his shoulder and he turns to see Rima. She tells him his gag had been a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but she tells him it was old now and he tells her not to say that, but she tells him all he had to do was make a new one. He asks her how and she holds the two pieces of his mustache before sticking them firmly to the place where his eyebrows should have been and tells him he was now that from that day forward he was to be Eyebrows Jirou. He cries with a smile on his face and tells Rima that she was the Goddess of Comedy.

Back at the park, Miyako, Rima, and Amu are sitting and Miayko is asking if she had made everyone laugh. Amu says she had and Miyako says that making people laugh was the best, saying she was definitely going to become a comedian. Amu and Rima smile at each other and Miyako tells them she was thinking of making a new King of Beasts Miyako-chan. Rima agrees and Character Changes again and says she should have more complexity to her movements and begins a strange dance, alarming Amu. Miyako is shocked again and asks what those moves were, saying she was truly the Goddess of Comedy. Ran is laughing yet again and Su says that even though it was a gag, she could see how subtle it was. Kusukusu suggests they all do it, so the three of them dance like Rima had and burst out laughing at the end of it. Amu asks what it was, but Miki wasn't sure.

Miyako tells Rima they should add in some vocals and Rima says it was a good idea and they do it together with the vocals which was just them murmuring. At the end, Amu starts to laugh and Miyako gets excited as they had made her laugh. She says that since they had been able to do so, they should dash into the sunset and Rima and Miyako do so, Eyebrows Jirou and his two men right behind them. Amu pops up and says that this punchline made no sense at all.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Rima Mashiro

Used Attacks

Clown Drop
Amulet Heart

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