Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 45
English Title: Go for it! Seiichiro!
Romanji Title: Ganbare! Seiichirō!
Kanji Title: がんばれ! 誠一郎!
Airdate: August 16, 2008
Directed by: Kazunobu Shimizu
Written by: Makoto Nakamura
Preceeded by: Episode 044: Twinkle of the Heart!
Followed by: Episode 046: Rima's Advent!? The Goddess of Comedy!


In order of appearance:

  1. Amu Hinamori
  2. Ran
  3. Miki
  4. Suu
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Ami is in Amu's room listening to her sing, but with the look on her face, it's obvious she doesn't really approve of it. Ami stops her and tells her she was doing it wrong before showing her the correct way to sing it. Ran, Miki, and Su show up and tell us that if we were wondering what happened, it all began some days ago. Su says it was time for a flashback, and they begin the flashback by showing us Summer School Day. Amu is walking around with her Guardian Characters and they notice how everyone seemed to be full of summer vacation spirit. Someone calls to Amu from behind, and she turns to see a younger kid coming toward her. He tells her he was happy to be able to see her during summer vacation and she asks who he was, crushing his happy mood a little. He says he was Seiichiro Suzuki, but she still doesn't know who he was, evident by the look on her face. It clicks to him and he begins to look for his glasses and places them on when he found them. Amu realizes who he was and Seiichiro is happy she remembered. He says that he screwed up by wearing contacts for a change. Su tells Amu that he was really handsome without his glasses while Miki comments that they finally learned his name.

At their school in the auditorium, Tadase is on stage with the other the Guardians telling the students in front of him that their school was going to compete in the Choral Competition. He tells them that is was taking place during summer vacation and says they should all do their best. Yaya says to them, though it may seem rushed, that they were going to pick who would be singing the solo and playing the piano. Three students tried to play the piano, but Saaya said it should be for a lady celebrity and begins to play, shocking the audience at how well she played. Amu says to Rima that Saaya was fantastic, but Rima tells her that Saaya was using her own arrangement instead of the one that the people auditioning were to play. After Saaya, a younger girl comes on stage and plays the correct arrangement.

Tadase is once again at the stage, but this time he's calling out the results. The person chosen to play the piano was the girl who come after Saaya: Marimo Hatanaka, a fourth grader from the Star Class. She's surprised as the people around her smile at her, but Saaya is angry, as are her friends, asking the students if they had not heard her play perfectly. Rima, looking bored, tells Saaya that no one would have been able to sing along with her playing. Tadase then says the soloist would be Amu Hinamori of the sixth grade Star Class. Amu is agreeing, but then freaks out as she registers it was her. She says she didn't even audition when a bunch of her fans stand up saying that no one deserved the solo but her. Seiichiro is one of them and he tells her that even though she hadn't ask, he had entered her name. Rima says that there were large voting blocks and Yaya says that no one else really even wanted the part. Amu is still looking shocked, but Tadase wishes her the best as he, Rima, and Yaya give her a thumbs up, ending the flashback.

Su tells us that that was that, while Miki says that there was no way to change it, and Ran only cheers Amu on, who is still listening to Ami sing, but with tears streaming down her face. At school, the students are in the auditorium singing the song they had. Tadase is at the front instructing them and Marimo is at the piano playing it. Amu is in the front of the group looking nervous while some students are commenting on someone's awful singing, that person being Seiichiro. The music stops playing as the students stop singing, making Seiichiro wonder if it was him that stopped it all and apologizes. He hides behind his music sheet and some people look at him, including Marimo.

Tadase tells them that they were finished for the day, so Amu's walking off with a stick acting like a cane in her right hand before she drops to the ground, saying she was tired. Miki asks if it came from just singing and Amu corrects her, saying it was from singing in front of a bunch of people. She tells them that everyone could her you and that she was even awful at karaoke. Ran, Miki, and Su then sing "Amu-chan is really bad at singing!" causing her to grip her head and tell them to stop singing. She hears something and asks if they heard before going to go see what it was.

Behind some trees they find Seiichiro singing all by himself, his back to where Amu was standing. They flinch as he hits a note that he couldn't really get right. Miki sees that he really was cut out for the performing arts just as Seiichiro is getting annoyed with himself before throwing his music sheet. Amu decides then to reveal herself, scaring him. He drops to the ground and tells her that she saw him doing something lame again and that he was going to have to ban himself from being one of her fans. She asks him what he was talking about and he explains that ever since she had become a Guardian she had been lively, active, and shining brighter each day, but he hadn't progressed any. She tells him that wasn't true, but then wonders about it as she doesn't know for sure.

He sits up and, with a dreamy expression, says it was times like that that made him think he was useless. Amu tells him he shouldn't go that far. He turns to her and says there was nothing to worry about because if he couldn't improve his singing before the competition, he would just have to fake sing. Amu is shocked, not about what he said he was going to do, but because she didn't know anyone could do that. Then she pictures herself faking at the real thing and says there wouldn't be any music.

Tadase appears behind Amu and asks her if she would do her solo because he wanted to practice his conducting. Yaya and Rima show up on either side of Amu and drag her off, her crying and whining in protest. Seiichiro looks at them and sighs before someone else comes up from behind and calls to him. Turning around, he sees Marimo who tells him that they should practice together. He looks confused and she explains that it had to be hard to sing without the accompaniment and that she would play for him. He tries to tell her it was fine as he didn't want to bother her, but she says she had to practice anyway. She tells him they should work together and he blushes and bows, saying he was looking forward to practicing with her. She tells him she looked forward to working with him and he smiles as he straightens up.

Back in the auditorium, Tadase is conducting the singing students once again and Marimo is playing the piano. Amu still looks nervous and Seiichiro is trying his best. In the Royal Garden, Yaya is telling the other that they seemed to be on the right track and that they could get the grand prize. Tadase says it wasn't about winning, but about getting everyone to work together, but before he could finish, Yaya interrupts and says there went his honor student speech, making him smile. Yaya turns to Amu to ask of her opinion, but she's only looking scared out of her mind. Yaya asks if she was still nervous, getting Amu to come out of the trance. Amu says that she wasn't and was about to go on, but Rima interrupts and says there went Amu's stubborn girl speech.

Later, Amu is walking home and notices that she was tired again. She hears some noise and peeking in the window of the room they had practiced, Amu sees Seiichiro singing and Marimo playing the piano on the stage. They come to the end and Marimo applauds him on his singing, saying it was much better than before. She says that when he sang with confidence he would sound better than when he would when he hunched over all the time as his pitch would get off. He tells her he understands and bows, making her tell him he didn't have to be so formal since they were classmates. He tells her again that he understood, but not so formal that time, asking if it was alright that way. She tells him it was fine and asks if he wanted to do it one more time. He agrees with a smile as Amu listens to her Guardian Characters comment on how nice it was before she smiles, too.

Seiichiro and Marimo are walking home, Seiichiro apologizing on keeping her out so late. She shrugs it off and says that she got to practice some also. He stops walking and hunches over, asking her if she thought he could sing well. She tells him he would be fine and says that singing well wasn't what mattered the most. He looks over at her, waiting for her to continue and she says that he should just have fun since the word "music" was written using the characters "fun" and "sound." She says there was no point in trying if you didn't have fun and he wonders if that was right.

Marimo turns to look at the scenery and says that she wasn't that good either. He tries to tell her otherwise, but she says she knew her music was okay. She goes on saying that she sometimes thought about how she wasn't that great and that she was jealous of the people who were great and would become professionals. She's about to tell him her dream, but stops to tell him not to laugh. He promises he won't and she tells him her dream was to be able to play the piano always, even after she was married, saying she wanted to be able to play with her husband and children every day. She blushes a bit, but turns around and tells him that that was her dream. He's shocked about the aspect of her getting married and she asks if that was weird, but he turns around and says it wasn't and tells her he thought her dream was a wonderful one. She asks him if something was wrong, but he tells her not to look at him.

Saaya and her friends are walking along, all of them holding shopping bags, when Saaya stops. One girl asks her what happened and Saaya notices Marimo as the girl who stole her part. Marimo tells Seiichiro that they should try their best and Seiichiro agrees, while Saaya looks content with herself; one girl saying that she had the feeling Saaya was planning something.

The next day at school in their usual practicing place, Tadase is telling everyone that tomorrow was the actual performance, making the current practice their last. Tadase begins to conduct, Marimo begins to play the accompaniment, and the students begin to sing; most noticeably, Amu isn't looking as scared as she had the first couple of times. The students stop singing when Marimo messes up. She apologizes and asks if they could start over. Tadase says that they could, but a voice tells them that they couldn't. The students look at Saaya and the other four students not on stage as Saaya goes on saying that if Marimo messed up then, what was stopping her from doing it tomorrow? One of the girls next to Saaya says that Saaya should have been chosen instead as it would've been better. Tadase tells them it would be alright and tells Marimo that could start again from the top. Saaya's friends ignore him and go on, saying that if it were Saaya playing the piano, they would definitely win and get the prize.

Amu's Guardian Characters are noticing how mean Saaya and her group were being when Marimo apologizes again and says she would try harder. Another girl asks that even if she tried her best, would it be enough, causing Marimo to gasp and Amu to step forward, but having Seiichiro beat her to it. Angry, he tells them that music was having fun with sound and that winning wasn't important as long as they had fun. Saaya asks that if they weren't in it for the prize what they were aiming for, and asks if it was just to participate, saying there was no point to it then. She asks the students if they wanted to win and they begin murmuring to each other saying that winning would be nice. Yaya gets mad and tells them that they all had chosen Marimo and Rima says that crowds were always fickle. Saaya says that if anyone was going to do something, there would be no point unless they were number one and that saying the things Seiichiro had just said were excuses for those who knew they wouldn't be number one.

Some people begin to murmur again and Tadase tries to calm them down when they hear a noise. Looking over, they see Marimo had stood up and was looking down. Tadase calls to her and she says that she okay and that someone else should play the piano. She excuses herself and runs off. Amu goes to Tadase and says that she was going to go check up on her. He agrees and Saaya is behind the piano telling Tadase to conduct. He's about to, but she begins to play a different accompaniment and starts singing not so well.

Outside, Amu has caught up to Marimo and tells her that she thought she should play the piano. Marimo looks over her shoulder at Amu and thanks her, but says that she thought someone more skilled should play along to their school's singing students. She runs off and Amu calls after her, telling her to come to the performance and that they were going to wait for her. Ran, Miki, and Su fly over to Amu and notice that she had been crying. Later that day, Seiichiro is walking home and sees that he was on the bridge he and Marimo had been on when she had told him her dream. Amu is at her house in her room thinking over the things Saaya and her group had said and is wondering if they were true; her Guardian Characters disagreeing with everything Saaya had said. She then asks if they thought Marimo would show up to the competition.

Seiyo Academy's students are at the 23rd Choral Competition Hall and Yaya's beginning to feel nervous. She asks Amu if her ribbon was crooked, but Amu is stock still and nervous as she once was before. Tadase says her name and she comes out of it. He asks if she had seen Marimo, but she tells him she hadn't. Seiichiro hears this and Tadase tells Amu that it was almost their turn to go. Yaya says they should get Saaya since there was nothing else they could do, but looking over at Saaya, they see her friends are holding her back saying that even though Saaya's playing was good, it "didn't suit an ensemble, you know?" meaning the students just couldn't sing to her playing.

Marimo is standing in front of a bench elsewhere asking herself if she should go to the Choral Competition. She then remembers some of the things Saaya had said and looks at the ground sadly while her heart's egg gets glazed over with gray before turning into an X-Egg. Amu's Guardians tell her an X-Egg had just been born, so Yaya says they had to go since they were the Guardians. Seiichiro comes up to the four and tells them he was sure Marimo was coming and goes to look for her, Amu and the Guardians following. Seiichiro finds her sitting on a bench and Marimo's X-Egg, which hatched into an X-Character, laughs, making him think he heard something. Her X-Character yells out "forte!" and sends an attack at Seiichiro using its baton, causing him to fly backward and hit the ground, losing his glasses in the process.

Marimo says that she was wrong, and Seiichiro hears her, looking back in her general direction. Yaya runs over and tells Amu she found the Marimo and Seiichiro. Amu sees that her X-Egg already hatched into an X-Character, so Tadase tells them they should go stop it, but Amu stops him when she sees Seiichiro pick himself off the ground. He tells Marimo that she wasn't wrong and Yaya thinks he couldn't see the X-Character without his glasses. He goes on saying that she had told him her dream of wanting to play the piano always and a transparent picture of Marimo appears next to her X-Character saying that everyone said there was no point unless you were the best and calls her dream worthless. Seiichiro tells her there was no thing as a worthless dream and she gasps. He tells her that he was the same as her because he wasn't good at a lot of things, but he still had dreams and says that he wanted to become president of a company someday, an astronaut, and a race car driver. Marimo calls him stupid and says there was no point in having dreams like the ones he had and her X-Character fires another attack at him.

Tadase tells Amu that it was becoming dangerous, but Seiichiro is still going, saying that there may have been no point, but that his dreams were all he had to hold onto at the moment. He slowly starts to approach Marimo the best he could because of the Character's attack and says that if he began to think his dreams were worthless, he would become pathetic. He says that his dreams were his and his alone and that his dreams were all that mattered, causing the X-Character to stop its attack. Amu steps forward and agrees with Seiichiro. Seiichiro still can't see and calls to Amu who tells him he did a good job before she unlocks her heart and does a Character Transformation with Ran, becoming Amulet Heart. Seiichiro shields his eyes and notices that she was starting to shine in a pink light.

Marimo's X-Character tries another attack, but Amu jumps to dodge and it hits Seiichiro instead, making him fall back again, and Amu apologizes to him. She goes at the character from a different angle and it tries its attack again, but she uses her Pom-poms to block it and ends up right next to it. She tells Marimo's X-Character that she liked her piano playing and then uses Open Heart to purify it. Marimo's Guardian Character appears and thanks Amu and Seiichiro, but he doesn't hear as he was still on the ground looking for his glasses. She goes back to her egg just as Seiichiro finds his glasses and puts them on. He turns to Amu and asks what she was wearing as she was still in her Character Transformation with Ran. She freaks out as he thinks it was cosplay and tells her he had never known she was into that kind of thing. He blushes and says that he found out something new about her making her blush and Miki and Su call him mean because he thought Amu was cosplaying.

Marimo wakes up and wonders what she was doing when Yaya tells her that everything was fine. Tadase steps forward to her and asks if she would play the accompaniment for them. She smiles and gladly accepts. Back at the Choral Competition, just like the practicing, Tadase is conducting, Marimo is playing, and the students are singing. He beckons Amu forward and her "x" shaped hairclip become a heart as Ran decides to Character Changes with Amu to help her sing her solo.

Backstage, Amu sighs in contentment as she is happy it was all over. Some students are congratulating Marimo on a job well done and she thanks them. Seiishiro is looking over at his friend with a smile when Amu comes over to him and says that he had been staring at her for a long time. She then thinks it was because he had "fallen for her" and he blushes, asking her what she was talking about. She compliments him on what he had said earlier and asks why he just didn't confess to her. He blushes harder and tells her no, saying that it was good enough for him to know he could do whatever if he put his mind to it. He says that if he got more confidence that he might confess and Amu looks at him in awe with a slight blush on her face.

She smiles and slaps him on the back, causing him to fall forward from the force of the slap and tells him he could do it, using his full name. She thinks she hurt him and apologizes, but he turns around with tears in his eyes saying he was touched. She looks confused and he tells her that this was the first time that she said his full name and smiles. Marimo looks over at him and smiles with a blush and he smiles back, a blush on his face, too.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori

Used Attacks

Amulet Heart


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