Golden Prince! *Part II*
Shugo Chara! episode 37
黄金の王子! *後編*
"Ougon no Ouji *Kouhen*"
Air date June 21, 2008
Episode Guide
Golden Prince *Part I*
Key, Lock, He and I!
Opening Minna Daisuki
Ending Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Directed by Mamoru Enomoto
Written by Kazuhiko Inukai


The pendant Shuraiya receives from Utau begins to change his personality. Pearl, Shuraiya's servant since childhood, finds Ramira suffering because of the pendant's dark energy. She brings him to the Guardians and explains them that she has been able to see Ramira. Ramira informs the Guardians about what happened the night before. Meanwhile, Shuraiya extracts Saaya and her followers' eggs, which become X Characters. When the Guardians arrive, their Guardian Characters are captured and Ramira is turned into an X-Egg. Pearl protects Ramira's egg to keep it from turning into an X Character and explains to Shuraiya that his father cares for him deeply. Pearl's strong feelings give birth to her own Guardian Character who frees the other Guardian Characters. Amu and Rima transform and purify the X-Characters and Ramira. Shuraiya apologizes to Pearl for his action and decides to return home and reconcile with his father.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Rima Mashiro

Used Attacks

Clown Drop

Major Events


  • A group of five X-Characters are singing that was based off of the "Barber Quadret" theme.
  • Both Tadase and Shuraiya both want to be powerful kings when they grow up which leaded to a possible rivalry.

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